18 May
DevOps Engineer- W2 opportunity
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia , 19019 Philadelphia USA

• What are some of the specific technologies utilized?Concourse CI/CD, Ansible, Python, Java, Spring Security, AppD, Splunk, AWS, Site Reliability Engineering practices.?o What are the top three MUST HAVE skill sets (technical) that are required?- Concourse CI/CD pipeline development,- AppD and Splunk Queries monitoring Dashboardso 24/7 services health check, alerts management- Security patches/remediation, Release Management• What are top three PREFERRED skill sets (technical)?- Concourse Pipelines CI/CD, Ansible, Docker- Test Automation, Python tooling- Splunk and AppD monitoring?• Soft Skill requirements (team fit/personality requirements)o We believe we can deliver excellent service and products without taking ourselves too seriously. It’s okay to find joy and humor in our work.o We treat customers as collaborators rather than as tickets to be closed.o We value the curiosity to deeply understand other points of view; understanding more perspectives helps us make better decisions.o We value getting a usable and working solution in front of customers quickly to get feedback so we can iterate and refine over holding out for a perfect solution later.o We value leadership through service; we get ahead by helping others succeed.o We value mistakes as an opportunity to learn. We view all mistakes as owned by the team as a whole, and seek to learn and improve from the mistakes we make.o We value actively and humbly seeking honest feedback.o We value an open and transparent channel of communication with all members of the team, regardless of their title and expertise.o We value context and responsibility over management approval and supervision.o We value diversity of opinion over group consensus.o We value using good enough open source software over perfect commercial software.o We value attitude over aptitude; no genius jerks allowed.o We value making decisions with research and reason over tradition or fear; we are fans of the scientific method.o During technical discussions, no one has a title.o We value being able to pursue a plan together over everyone agreeing that the plan is the best one.o We happily teach others the things we have learned.We recognize that discrimination exists throughout our society in structural ways. We seek to build systems that are inclusive and avoid using hurtful language?• Are nonlocal or remote candidates consideredYes, we can consider until end of the year but once allows folks back to work then we would prefer resource be onsite.• What will be the interview process?o . 2 -3 Technical rounds followed by a manager interview?• What is the committed timeline for interview and hire decisionsWe can take 1-2 interviews per day , during EST time between 8:30am – 4pm , and a final decision can be made with in a weeks time (depending on the progress). We would like to close this position as soon as we find a right candidate Job Responsibilities:Job Responsibilities Details Percentage of time spentImplement Site Reliability Engineering principles to reduce Organizational silos and ensure solid DevSecOps practices - 2+ years Software Product Development and 2+ years SRE/DevOps experience.- Continued features delivery with DevSecOps model adhering to the Agile practices and a key eye for monitoring and high performance of the Xerxes solutions.- Given the Multitenant applications operate under Syndication partners SLA’s , its critical the solution is high performant and high scalable with Zero downtime/failure.- Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipelines with Jenkins and Concourse.- Deploying services to Hybrid model platform; where On-premises(Linux Openstack) and Cloud(AWS, CaaS) platforms connected together to work as single unit.- Defining the Dashboards in Splunk and setting SLA/SLO policies in AppDynamics to measure the transactions thresholds.- Applying Security/software patches remediation.- Identify the toil-reduction aspects and implement automation for them.- Measure the Sprint Features Delivery/release gating Quality metrics and ensure Security/Performance and other SRE release process.Methodologies followed:- DevSecOps - security automation, communication, and scalability methodologies- SRE(Site Reliability Engineering) practices , Error Budgets, Metrics/Measures, Release/Patch management, Rollback, Change Ticket process, Bugs , frontline support to Apps/partners.Skills Required:- Concourse,CI/CD pipelines, Python, Ansible, Linux, Monitoring, Splunk queries, building Dashboards AppD/Splunk, Alerts,Test Automation, Java, Spring, AWS, Openshift Pipelines, Kubectl, Docker, Security Automation, Splunk, SEIM, AppDynamics, OP5, HA Proxy, high availability/fault tolerant, Networking, CloudFormation, Code Pipeline, Code Build, Terraform Scripting, Linux, JMeter, Burp tool. 75%Requirement Analysis and Convert High level requirements to Technical aspects to Prototyping; Design and Features Development with reliable & Scalable solutions - Design and Development of the Federated Authentication & Authorization platform services for Syndicated – Multi tenant Subscriber & Customers facing products and as well Care Tools for Enterprise Business Users.- Designing solutions highly reliable, scalable to meet 99.999% transactions success rate is crucial in this platform.- Design Platform-agnostic solutions with containerization; where solutions can be run on any platforms( On-premises / Cloud platforms / hybrid platforms)- Implement auto scanning code feature to make sure NO Security vulnerabilities in the code.- Design Analytics services for analysis of the platform for security threats and malicious activities.- Implement Classification & Prediction models and services for early deduction of transaction volumes, auth-failures, auditing risks.- Design Centralized Config Server to provide configurations across services at run-time in Xerxes.- Design Context Service, to store the applications context data which would be used part of Buy Flow, XoC Store Front etc integrations in Xerxes.Methodologies followed:- Application Programming- Agile/Scrum methodology with Sprint models- OAuth/Security Frameworks- Multi-tenant Models- MVC/Micro-Service Architecture Principals- Cloud Migration & Design Patterns- Machine Learning ModelsSkills Required:- Java, J2EE, Algorithms, Python, Spring core, Security, Spring Boot, OAuth2.0, OpenID, JWT, Angular JS, Micro Services, NoSQL/Mongo Databases, AWS(Amazon Web Services)- EC2, ElasticBeans, ELB, ECS, Dynamo, Lambda, CaaS, Kubernetes, ADFS, ORM, Maven, Contrast Security, SSL, SAML, IDP, XML, JSON, Machine Leaning, Deep Learning, STS, Eclipse, GitHub, Kafka, Streams.Qualification Required:- Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree or Higher ( in computer science, Computer applications/engineering)- Expertise in Software Life Cycle methodologies, Programming, Application/Security Frameworks, Cloud Platforms, Rapid Development Environment.- Expertise in building high scalable applications with design patterns, algorithms, programming, architectural principals from scratch.- 25%Qualification Required:- Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree or Higher ( in computer science, Computer applications/engineering)- Expertise in Software Life Cycle methodologies, Programming, Application/Security Frameworks, Cloud Platforms.- Experience in SRE practices, DevSecOps models, Continuous Integration and Delivery tools/frameworks, Production systems debugging, Networking, Performance testing tools

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