18 May
Product Manager- Market Research/Customer Research/Fintech
California, Mountainview , 94035 Mountainview USA

Duties :Handles many of the oversight duties involved in getting a product from the concept stage to the production stage; work to maximize product by foreseeing customer and market demands.Typically in charge of ensuring that best practices are followed, goals are met, and projects and related operations are conducted effectively.Often in charge of coordinating marketing, sales, and other product-implementation strategies to ensure that operations are properly conducted. Serves as a liaison between stakeholders and the development/implementation teams.Must evaluate the market to find ways to better serve the customers and increase profitability.Typically have extensive experience and training in various aspects of business and commerce.Proactive, leadership-oriented, and familiar with the needs of the company and the customer base.Must have knowledge of technical processes, adherence to marketing guidelines, and familiarity of business strategies.Must be able to communicate effectively, analyze data from numerous inputs, and provide direction and guidance to their subordinates.Transform business and market strategies into do-able, defined product plans.Lead market research and position conversations to ensure viable products and balanced growth.Define and document product requirements and roadmaps for execution and sales.Collaborate with cross-functional teams for every stage of product development.

Required Skills : - Market Research - Customer Research - Understanding of the mid-market financial management solution space

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