18 May
Lead Software Architect/Director of Engineering/Lead Software Engineer - python
Massachusetts, Boston , 02108 Boston USA

Ideally should be local to the Boston area, can relocate, or post-covid, be able to visit Boston monthly. The engineering team is fully remote to Boston.

Our client is looking for an engineering lead/architect/hands-on director of engineeringThe role would have a high degree of autonomy and a necessary say in the growth and direction of our engineering group.Our client uses multiple data sources and open source technologies to provide health analytics. We make heavy use of Python (Pandas, Jupyter, scikit learn) SQL (Postgres and Sqlite), Nominatim/OSRM/OTP for geo-services, as well as ‘classic’ ETL and data cleansing. Additionally, we have a growing list of web applications that are implemented in Elixir and make use of Nginx and AWS Cognito. We love people who are excited to learn new languages, and keep growing their skills.Our current architecture uses a mix of built and bought components that are namespaced to individual client VPCs in AWS. Thus, a new candidate would be expected to understand our current suite of offerings but should feel confident that they will have the ability to set the direction of new architectures and refactorings. We are always open to ideas, and believe that we have a long way to grow.The candidate must be willing and able to grow a team, and understand the importance of mentoring (both internal to their team as well as to the rest of the company), and must have had previous experience both in development and in running a development group.Skills:
  • Python (or other ‘scripting’ language)
  • Some experience with a functional language (Clojure, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir)
  • C/Golang/Rust (one of – but nice to have if all)
  • SQL (not just ORM, but good knowledge)
  • Linux (be able to diagnose/monitor resource usage)
  • Knowledge of ‘big data’ systems ideal (Spark, Hadoop)
  • Networking (TCP/IP stack as well as DNS)
  • Bash/Make/Awk/Sed
To learn more - <a href="mailto:?subject=Lead Architect"> </a>About Me - The Bivium Group: <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/scottdunlop"target="blank"> Scott Dunlop on LinkedIn</a>I am the recruiter people work with who don't work with recruiters!For over 20 years I’ve been Boston’s leading software engineer/software developer Recruiter (with nearly 100 public LinkedIn recommendations) - I'm exclusively focused on the Software Engineering market in Boston – I’m always looking to expand & build strong, long-term relationships with exceptional clients and talent.keywords architect, data architect, scott dunlop, bivium group, Pandas, Jupyter, scikit learn, postgres, sqlite, Nominatim, OSRM, geo-services, ETL, elixir, nginx, aws cognito, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir, golang, rust, c, orm, linux, spark, hadoop

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