14 Aug
Janitorial Assistant Manager Part Time, 2nd and 3rd shift 10-14 hours
Wisconsin, Milwaukee , 53201 Milwaukee USA

Assistant Manager/Floating Manager needed for a Part Time, 2nd and 3rd shift Janitorial position, 10-14 hours per week

Please read entire job description as there is important information for you to follow to receive a call for this job opportunity.

All hired employee’s MUST HAVE valid driver’s license, own your own reliable vehicle and keep a continuous working Cell Phone .

Please reply for job position with a resume, complete job history or if being emailed by yourself please have all information typed within the body of the email itself. Emails received without resume will not be looked at.

Hours employee must be available to work are between 7:00pm– 4:00am. We have buildings open seven days a week so a flexible schedule is a must. This position will receive 10-14 hours per week. Added hours will come from filling in for sick days, vacation days and helping support the general manager with monthly tasks and large jobs.

The perfect employee for this part time managerial position is someone who is self-motivated, a good decision maker and able to work fast and efficiently without supervision. Someone who is not looking for full time hours but still has the flexibility to fill in for employees or management when they are sick or needing to take time off.

Employee must have the flexibility to work any day of the week to cover vacations and sick days as we have locations open 7 days a week. Floating Manager positions are fully trained in ALL of our locations, so opportunities to pick up extra hours are available which also opens up the opportunities to pick up more hours and also move up more quickly in management as you will know all buildings and all duties required across our company.

Assistant Manager/Floating Manager duties include power washing, floor scrubbing, garbage removal, mopping of floors, dusting, cleaning of glass surfaces, vacuuming and all other cleaning tasks assigned to you by management. All tasks are performed within small office areas, large open carpeted areas, bathrooms and some exterior tasks such as outside trash cans. All duties on nightly checklists are performed with the correct tools needed to finish job in allotted time.

All of our buildings are rechecked each morning by location managers and building owners and communicated back to us with any issues or concerns.

Pay: $12.50-14.50 per hour depending on experience, skills and qualifications. Reviews of performance come at the end of training followed by a review at six months that will offer a .50 raise. This review will include input by employees you work with, business owners of the locations you clean, location managers and the General Manager of our company. All reviews are based off how well you clean, communicate and reliability.

Manager duties include:

Making sure building is 100% clean each night by end of shift.

Filling in for sick days, vacation days by other employees.

At times, training and leadership of a small team of employees.

On the job problem solving and decision making.

Upkeep of supplies and equipment.

Assisting in large projects including Strip and Wax jobs, carpet cleaning jobs and floor scrubbing jobs.

To be hired an individual should demonstrate the following.

Must have working vehicle, driver’s license and cell phone.

Must treat all people with respect.

Must respond promptly to management, customer and other employee needs and concerns.

Must be able to communicate with others in a clear and concise manner.

Must follow through on commitments.

Must maintain confidentiality of client, our company and all employees.

Must be consistently at work and on time.

Must show attention to detail.

Must be able to Identify and resolves problems in a timely manner.

Must be willing to teach, willing to learn and be willing to ask for help when needed.

Must be willing to share expertise with others.

A Manager follows instructions, responds to direction, completes tasks, notifies appropriate person with an alternate plan if needed and prioritizes and plans work activities to use time efficiently.

Please reply for job position with a resume, complete job history or if being emailed by yourself please have all information typed within the body of the email itself. Emails received without resume will not be looked at.

Job site is not on easy bus routes, and bus route ends before job is over, so job applicant "MUST HAVE" valid driver’s license, own your own reliable vehicle and continuous working Cell Phone .

We also offer paid training to our employees in all fields of cleaning. Training includes daily janitorial upkeep, power washing, carpet extraction, and basic floor work. I am looking for individuals who are independent and self-motivated, willing to listen to direction and most of all be part of a team. I expect all of my employees to want to advance their abilities learn more and become leaders for our future.

Employees showing a drive to advance and a willingness to take on responsibility will not only receive more hours, but also higher pay. I am not afraid to pay for employees working towards bettering our company.

In your reply for this job opportunity please note in your email that you have a valid driver’s license, your own vehicle, and your own continuously working cell phone

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you on this opportunity

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