14 Aug
Arizona, Mohave county , 86429 Mohave county USA

I need a 20X35' Foundation for a metal building (12X12 footing, 6" floor, Fiberglass mesh etc flat and level) and a 16X120 foot driveway plus some misc. You will need to move some dirt to do this Job. There is a 12" elevation change the 35' length of the foundation. So you will need a bobcat or tractor and possibly a place for the excess dirt.

I do not know everything so I will rely on your knowledge and advice to complete this whole deal. Pic is the area where this is all going and the foundation is to park the trailer and build a carport or building made out of metal.

It would be best if you are licensed to work in Kingman (buisness license), because I want the driveway to go all the way to the street if possible. This is not a must.

This is off Stockton Hill Road and Airway Avenue

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