14 Aug
Self Storage Resident Manager
Arizona, Tucson , 85701 Tucson USA

This position requires you to work 40 hours per week and be on call for emergencies. Office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday, Sunday 9am-1pm. All duties as outlined in this job description will be performed under the supervision of the Area Manager and Operations Manager to ensure application of the best industry practices and portfolio performance.


1. Ensure policies and procedures are always consistent and followed at facility level. Refer to policy manual for a list of policies and procedures.

2. Create all End of Month Reports and turn in to Area Manager and Admin Support Manager on time

3. Be able to fluently navigate and manage inventory and tenants in QuikStor

4. Manage delinquency on past due units with tenants. Make delinquency phone calls and document correspondence in tenant notes.

5. Audit and verify each delinquent tenant has ALL of the proper notices sent out with notes documented in the system. Assist Area Manager and Admin Support Manager with auction process

6. Create deposits, balance cash drawers and issue bank deposits

7. Maintain company owned equipment including golf carts and other machinery.

8. Maintain office and entire premises and keep it trash and weed free. Clean the office thoroughly often.

9. Create and turn in any service requests that are needed to keep your location looking clean and crisp. This also includes faded exterior paint, flags, doors, asphalt repair, etc.

10. Clean and maintain the resident manager apartment and be ready for quarterly inspections with the area manager and operations manager. Failure to maintain a clean and maintained apartment will result in disciplinary actions against you up to and including termination.

11. Maintain/clean/empty vacant and abandoned storage units and replace door seals when needed.

12. Conduct site patrols to provide security and evaluate property conditions

13. Ensure all physical aspects of the locations are fully functional, safe and attractive and regular property inspections are completed and audit all major equipment

14. Assist Area Manager and Operations Manager with obtaining and submitting bids for services/projects as needed such as Surveillance Cameras, Security Patrol and asphalt to achieve property goals and uphold facility standards.

15. Oversee location occupancy and income goals, including rentals, collections, customer services, maintenance, administration and policy and procedure compliance and report findings to the Area Manager and Operations Manager.

16. Monitor unit pricing regarding rent increases and decreases

17. Auction Planning and oversee auction processes - review with Administrative Support Manager

18. Update software, site maps and unit availability after conversions or expansions

19. Review Use Agreements / Lease Tracker for rent raises and renewals

20. Review trends in storage facility management to ensure portfolio is aligned with market conditions

21. Attend training conferences and seminars

22. Work with Administrative Support Manager and Courier/Lock Cut Assistant in their duties

23. Incident and accident assessment - all hours including; Emergency and Police communication, Incident reports and folders filed on server and Estimates and invoicing

24. Manage special Tenant situations such as Termination of Occupancy or immediate eviction

25. Create and monitor Craigslist ads and any other advertisements for your location

26. Provide marketing strategies and promotional ideas for publicity and increased revenue. Implement sales and marketing plans with approval from the Area Manager and Operations Manager

27. Assist with any other miscellaneous tasks that is requested by the Area Manager and Operations Manager

Equal Opportunity Employer

Safety Sensitive Position

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