03 Sep
Business Process Integrator Implementation Lead
Illinois, Moline , 61265 Moline USA

Vacancy expired!

Job-Title: Business Process Integrator Implementation Lead Description: Partners with operational areas to translate high level business requirements into detailed business/process functional specification in order to implement a technological solution for projects or processes of moderate complexity. (Process map is an example of a functional specification) May also perform system configuration, system testing, end user training, and end user support for the processes after implementation. May be responsible for project management on small projects. Projects or processes are moderately complex due to the combination of a number of the following: The complexity of work should be viewed relative to the highest degree of complexity of work across the enterprise; therefore; not all units or divisions will have work that is of highest complexity. 1. Degree of application integration, data integration, process integration 2. Complexity of the application, hardware, and/or network environments 3. Impact of failure vs. success (inconvenience vs. loss of business/minor process improvement to breakthrough opportunity) 4. Degree to which innovation is required vs. relatively linear expansion or enhancement of existing functionality 5. Complexity of data environment (use of existing data with little new data integration required to very complex data requirements and integration) 6. Degree of investment required (dollars, resources, time) 7. Extent of impact of project or process (departmental vs. unit vs. SBU vs. enterprise, for ex.) 8. Extent to which project or process depends on tight integration (of data, processes, environments, etc.) 9. Variety that needs to be accommodated (of channels supported, of types of businesses, of product lines, of geographic or legal variances, of stakeholder interests, etc.) 10. Number of business processes impacted (OFP, PDP,CAP/CSP, etc.). Responsibilities:

  • Participates as a core team member developing and implementing the ADVANCE web application to replace current Non-Conformance Corrective Action (NCCA) application globally within client.
  • This position will lead cross functional teams (6 or fewer members) at implementation units to implement and integrate the ADVANCE web application at one to four product line unit locations simultaneously.
  • In addition, this position may facilitate requirement documentation of the business process as it relates to development of the ADVANCE application and communicate requirements to other core team members.
  • Develops schedule of implementation activities required at each unit, scales appropriately based on each units size.
  • Facilitates work assignments, maintains issue tracking log including lessons learned and resolves issues within project milestones to the satisfaction of unit leadership.
  • Monitors ongoing implementation status and maintains communication with stakeholders including status reports and health metrics.
  • Facilitates and leads at least two cycle testing sessions of the web application for each implementation, this includes data migration from existing application databases.
  • Leads cross functional team through transition training activities including planning, creating content, scheduling, executing, and tracking the training at the implementation unit.
  • Tracks, coordinates, and communicates issues and change requests for new web application to the Product Owner.
  • Responsible for creating and updating software application test cases and ensuring test suite is executed prior to production release of new software.
  • Experience with Product Development Processes in one or more areas of Quality, Manufacturing, Design, PV&V, Supply Management and Program Management.
  • Experience with enabling systems (NCCA, VISION, PDMLink, MaSA, SAP and various others).
  • Experience with Agile, Scrum, and Project Management.
  • Teams, Excel and PowerPoint experience is important.
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills required.
  • Up to 50% Domestic & International travel. Domestic: Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. International: Germany. India, Possibly Mexico and Brazil.

Vacancy expired!

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