14 Sep
Soil sampler for growing ag tech startup
Iowa, Des moines , 50301 Des moines USA

At Pattern Ag, we are leveraging advances in genomics, data science, and microbiology to help farmers improve the productivity and profitability of their land. With a state-of-the-art lab and a team comprised of the foremost experts in each industry vertical we touch, Pattern helps farmers identify the microorganisms living in their soils so that they can promote the good and eliminate the bad. We are hyper farmer-focused, which means we are determined to create a product that provides real value to our customers. We are growing quickly and excited to add this critical role to our team.

The Soil Sampler is responsible for collecting soil samples from fields that have been enrolled in our soil analysis program. This is an important role because the quality and timeliness of the samples will inform management practices for the grower on each field. You will be required to own or have regular access to a truck, and Pattern Ag will provide all sampling materials such as an ATV, a ramp to load the ATV onto a truck, sampling probe, sample bags, shipping labels, and boxes. This is a three-month position paid hourly that will report to Pattern Ag’s Regional Customer Success Managers. The company will also compensate you for travel to and from the sampling site and will reimburse you for use of your personal truck.

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