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Program Manager
New York, Bethpage , 11714 Bethpage USA

  • Job Overview: Under the general direction of his/her direct management, the Program Manager is responsible for managing and directing the implementation of all the technology related components of one or more simultaneous project efforts, as assigned by the VP and Director of the PMO. The Program Manager is directly responsible to manage an overall program as well as one or more work-streams (aka Work Packages or Swim-lanes) within a Program (a group of like projects designed to satisfy a single objective) and to ensure that all intra and inter project related dependencies are defined, managed and controlled. Additionally, the Program Manager must have experience in managing subordinate project managers and in soliciting, combining and aggregating program progress information from subordinate project's managers, as a single point of reporting for the Program's overall health, to include deliverables, cost, schedule, risks and issues, to the program's sponsor / client, in order to consistently deliver high quality products and services on-time and within budget.
  • Job Summary and Responsibilities:
  • Researches subjects to support expense plans/program work
  • Performs routine data collection, organization, workflow, and support analysis
  • Sets high standards for conduct and work
  • Demonstrates ability to plan and execute complex initiatives
  • Fosters environment of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Provides direction and ensures the preparation of quality deliverables
  • Leads and applies department’s methodologies to assignments
  • Leads workflow for improvements and resolving issues
  • Operational Management
  • Possess a degree of emotional intelligence & ability to conduct crucial conversations
  • Anticipates customer needs and proactively develops solutions to meet them. Responds to the needs of the business, department, team, and environment.
  • Demonstrated experience in representing and engaging with Senior Executive resources
  • Manages expectations and deliverables on inter/intra projects
  • Manages departmental projects and initiatives
  • Manages personal and group time in expense Plans/project work (area of expertise)
  • Maintains expected levels of personal productivity
  • Serves as a leader/ mentor both directly and influentially for peers, project managers and project teams. Motivates and inspires team members
  • Ensures smooth functioning of processes and procedures
  • Proficient in analyzing data, trends or obstacles and consider available solutions or alternative methods of proceeding
  • Solves complex problems and develops innovative approaches or solutions
  • Ability to provide explanations and information to others on the most complex issues
  • Leads risk and risk/reward equation
  • Meets or exceeds policy, process standards
  • Recognizes when to deviate from standards versus follow process
  • Is a self-directed leader that acts as a team player
  • Having experience and being comfortable reporting to Sr. Execs
  • Demonstrates continual improvement in personal program management skills
  • Competent in use of project management tools, techniques, and methodologies
  • Continually assess the demand for skills required to adequately support program / projects under his or her control
  • Executes innovative solutions that produce significant business benefit
  • Leads expectations and deliverables within the program via inter/intra project dependencies
  • Competent in the applications of a disciplined approach to project management utilizing PM standards, methodologies, and tools
  • Develops and maintains program plans with accurate estimates of effort required to meet customer needs
  • Identifies, documents, and manages risks
  • Regularly communicates project status
  • Coordinates the requirements of projects or sub-projects, and resolves conflicts to achieve program/ project objectives throughout the project lifecycle
  • Develops and maintains program and project plans with accurate estimates of effort required to meet customer needs
  • Develops and manages program schedules
  • Engages project participants in defining program and project related duration, effort, sequence, and dependencies of tasks, based on scope definition and project delivery requirements
  • Defines detailed project delivery plans, including resource assignments and dependencies as they relate to the overall program
  • Ensure the maintenance of program and project plans
  • Identifies gaps and/or risks to the program and driving mitigation plans to avoid delays or unnecessary expenses
  • Identifies, documents, and analyzes risks, issues, and opportunities in consultation with stakeholders, and uses the results as the basis for risk planning
  • Develops risk/issue management plans, and communicates with applicable stakeholders to ensure clarity of understanding and ongoing management of risk factors
  • Works with resource managers to drive the identification of the skills, duration and effort required for successful program execution (e.g., resource demand planning)
  • Ensures that resources are acquired to meet resource demand plans, escalating for assistance where gaps exist
  • Leads and/or prepares reports of program performance upon delivery of product or service
  • Ensure regular program related effective communication occurs, i.e.: Status report, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Establishes quality objectives, criteria, standards, and levels at the sub-project level, with input from stakeholders
  • Implements established quality management methods, techniques, and tools
  • Ensures that all external dependencies are managed
  • Uses established key performance indicators to monitor program outcomes and sub-project controls
  • Ensures that appropriate allowances are included in project budgets and forecasts as well as align with project lifecycle stage/maturity, risks, and complexities
  • Manages sign-off process and obtains all approvals required for programs and projects under their control
  • Leading the team in the formulation and execution of recovery actions when necessary to meet commitments. This will include obtaining the commitment of the various function discipline leaders to ensure the overall recovery of the program and any impacted sub-projects
  • Communications:
  • Maintains excellent written and verbal communications with customers, employee, supervisors, and managers
  • Keeps Management informed of requirements, business drivers, decisions, etc. of the operational group to consider these in planning overall Program strategies
  • Keeps Sponsor updated on the status of projects, allocation of resources, conflicts, and customer needs
  • Facilitates exchange of ideas and application of best practices
  • Fosters an environment where staff project team resources communicate in an open, honest, and positive manner

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