04 Nov
Software Engineer - Functional Programming
New York, Newyorkcity , 10001 Newyorkcity USA

Software engineers take holistic and collaborative approaches to solving the firm's core business problems. They don't just write and review code - engineers are responsible for architecting and designing the infrastructure involved with any given project/deliverable and are also responsible for communicating these decisions effectively and clearly. Here are just some of the projects we're working on:

  • Business logic and APIs for our core decision engine
  • Functional-reactive applications
  • Domain-specific languages and compilers
  • Parsing laws from heterogeneous sources
  • Collaborating with our Knowledge Engineering team to research and design new product lines
What we're looking for:
  • A high degree of curiosity with the ability to ask thoughtful questions and solve challenging problems
  • The capacity to envision a variety of solutions and to clearly articulate them and explain the trade-offs
  • The ability to use functional programming to design simple and elegant solutions
  • A collaborative mind-set that enjoys working with others and knowledge sharing to achieve the best results
  • An eagerness to give and receive feedback in an open team atmosphere to better the overall result
  • Practical experience with a functional language such as Clojure, Scheme, Common LISP or Haskell
Any of the following would be an added benefit:
  • Experience using a RDBMS such as Postgres
  • Experience Building React applications and RESTful APIs
  • Experience with proof assistants

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