05 Apr
Mowing Subcontractor Needed
Kansas, Topeka , 66601 Topeka USA

Having a little trouble finding people to work my mowing crew this year. Wondering if there is anyone out there with their own equipment, who I could sub the work out to. I've done this with former employees and others in the past. It works pretty well with them, and they seem to like it. I give you the week's schedule on Monday (jobs put in efficient route order), and you bring back the completed list on Friday or Saturday. I pay 75% share. I take care of correspondence with customer, billing, scheduling, etc. You do the work and have all equipment and cover all costs (fuel, etc.) to perform work. I pay you half of your earnings each week (to cover your employees, fuel, etc.) The other half I pay you on the 10th of the next month (once I've received payments from customers). Lawns are priced at $40 and up. A range of small and large properties. Additional work available (landscaping, pruning, cleanups, etc.)

To Qualify: Must have commercial liability insurance. Must have commercial grade equipment. Must be dependable (people, vehicle, and equipment). Need the properties done every week for entire season. Must have ability to perform quality work at a fast pace, to make good money. Must record start and stop time for each job on schedule for reference purposes. Must know how to vertically edge with string trimmer or willing to learn. Must appear as our employees to customer (wear our shirts and our magnets on truck). Ideally, you would have a crew of 2 with ability to complete 50-60 properties a week with a revenue of $2,000 - $3,000 (Your 75% share would be $1,500 - $2,400). May require a little training period to ensure work is up to our standards.

If interested, please respond to this ad, and let me know why you'd be a good fit. Thanks!

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