05 Apr
Shed installer
Louisiana, Houma , 70360 Houma USA

I’m looking for someone to install sheds in the Houma area, I will provide truck, trailer, and tools, must have a valid license and can pass a background, you will be paid on production per shed, you will have to come to the north shore to train, this is a full time job, you will be working as a sub contractor, I will provide the insurance also for you to work, you will need a man or two to help you, that’s for you to find, I run a 3-4 man crew and make 4-5 thousand during a 5 day work week, you will have to pick up sheds in Baton Rouge and install them in between Baton Rouge and Houma but could probably keep you busy just in Houma area, you will have to pick up all shed kits in Baton Rouge though. You have to be efficient and hardworking to be productive.

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