02 May
Recruiting Door to Door beasts for storms
Missouri, Kansas city

Recruiting talent to add our team. Can you travel out of state for 1-2 weeks at a time? Virus hurting your income? Like to see new places? Selling roofs or lead generating and not getting paid your worth? We are looking for experienced folks in the industry.

We are a canvassing company in the storm restoration that knocks doors and sets leads for our clients in the industry with a great reputation and we are recruiting like-minded people to join our team.

The best part- We pay every night and most of our team makes $330-$800+ a night each. We recruit 1099 people, not employees. Door to Door is for people that hustle. Have someone that may be a good fit that's in the industry? If we use them, we will also pay overrides to you off their leads if you are on a campaign or taking a week off.

Must have

Strong desire to succeed and be coachable

Must have great morals/ethics and highly dependable

Must have a valid drivers license

Must have a checking account.

Must have reliable transportation to travel out of state.

If you think you would be a good fit to join the team, give me a call. Any text will not be responded to. I am in the people business, not the texting business. If you can't follow simple directions I already know I can't work with you. Retirees and ladies also do very well. Most of our team members are over 50yrs old.


303 888 3703

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