02 May
Drug Testing Collector - 2+ Years Experience Preferred (Longview, TX)
Texas, Tyler / east TX

The CPC/BAT (Certified Professional Collector/Breath Alcohol Technician) position is primarily responsible for collection of specimens (urine, hair, saliva, etc.) and taking breath alcohol readings. This position, depending on office location and skill level, can include other duties and responsibilities. This position requires attention to detail especially when accepting collections, filling out paperwork, and in following the required collection protocol. The CPC/BAT must be vigilant about detecting and rejecting any specimen that appears to have been adulterated. They must be able to stand on their feet sometimes for several hours performing collections both in the office and in sometimes less-than-ideal conditions. They must be, or become certified in collections and attend required training or retraining.

Duties include:

Opening and closing the office

Greeting customers

Processing paperwork

Faxing results

Answering phones

Preparing paperwork

Communicating with company representatives

Sending out collected specimens each day

Calibrating instruments

Filing and copying paperwork

Completing Specimen Logs accurately

Maintaining tidy office appearance

Handling cash, credit card transactions, and/or bank deposits

Performing office, on-site, on-call and/or observed collections

Handling phone calls

Being on-call as needed

Working on-site collections

Ordering laboratory or mail pick-ups

Maintaining sanitary office

Keeping updated on current collection regulations and changes

Keeping work supplies available and stocked for on-sites or post accidents

Maintaining professional appearance at all times

Other duties as assigned


Excellent customer service skills

Some medical knowledge

Certification as a Professional Collector and Breath Alcohol Technician (within 6 months of hire)

Computer skills (including MS Office, Form Fox, )

Office equipment operations (fax, copier, scanner, & multi-line telephone)

Ability to handle and work around bodily fluids

Ability to directly observe urine collections (body to specimen cup)

Ability to work around common chemicals, disinfectants, and/or anti-bacterial products

Strict attention to detail

Ability to work with oppositional clients


Ability to lift up to 30 pounds

Ability to stand for long periods of time while performing work

Available for on-call or after-hours post-accident investigations

Flexibility with work hours and days

Due to evaluating candidates, replies will NOT be made until May 5th. Position available immediately thereafter. Male candidates are encouraged to apply due to the need of meeting Federal Regulatory Compliance with direct observed collections.

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