02 May
Soundview has openings in our essential support team (Mount Vernon)
Washington, Skagit / island / SJI

Vacancy expired!

Soundview Supported Living

We have 2 positions available for a variety of shifts, 24 or 32 hours weekly. These shifts would include weekends. Training would involve other shifts and more time, on a weekly basis, and can last several months.What is Supported Living?

Some people need help in order to live full lives. They need personal, intensive support to reach their maximum potential. That can mean very different things depending on the person. This is a varied and interesting job, and is not “just caregiving” although that is part of it.What is the job?

As we said above, it’s a lot of things. Let’s let the people you would be working with tell you what they think:

What do you like about working with our clients?”… the joy we are able to bring to their lives through our shared experiences and exposure to the community.” - BW (1.5 years)”To see transformation. Unconditional care brings stability over time and changes them for the better.” – BG (15 years)

What do you like best about working with your fellow staff members?”Staff in Soundview have a passion for helping coworkers here, as well as a true drive to grow with clients and help our clients be independent.” – CS (3 months)Staff become our own kind of support system because we understand each other through the job… “ – LD (3 years)

What have you gained from working at Soundview besides a paycheck?”I’ve gained and learned so much working for Soundview. Walking into a field I had no experience in. Meeting amazing people that are compassionate and caring for others. Getting to say I have a job where sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work. The clients become a part of your life. [I like] the look in their eyes when they know you are there to do your best to support them. [We] practice life skills that every human should carry.” –SR (2 years)”I have gained so much knowledge, patience, positivity, compassion, desire to be a better person, and a whole new outlook on unconditional love.” -KT (3 years)What are the requirements?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school degree or G.E.D.

You must be able to pass state and federal background checks…. This means you have no disqualifying convictions.

You must be able to do the work physically, which may involve lifting or supporting clients with gait problems.

You must be a caring person that is willing to support others unconditionally.

Training requires a flexible schedule and will include mornings and off-site classroom training.What are the benefits?

Paid training. All the training needed to become a DSP, a title recognized all over the state.

Sick and vacation pay accrual. One “floating holiday” per year.

$16.00 per hour to start. Periodic raises.

Work with a group of good people, who are all there for the right reasons!

Not sure if the job is right for you? That is OK; let us figure it out together. You can meet floor staff, say hello to clients, even job shadow after a background check is completed (and privacy consents are signed).

Learn who we are at: Our Soundview Inspires Website

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Vacancy expired!

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