02 May
Benefit AdvisorInsurance Sales (Madison)
Mississippi, Jackson

Vacancy expired!

$500,000,000 Dollar Company Hiring NOW


This is a proven marketing strategy that provides leads at NO COST to the Agent Production is required to continue to get the leads at NO COST I've done this for 33+ years and most organizations charge you for leads Not only do they charge you for leads they usually have you set up on the same contracts that I am willing to set you up on Regardless of your contract levelwe should talk I'm not looking for the agency managersI'm looking for agents who want a fair opportunity and are tired of having to pay for their leads Make no mistake, others offer "free-leads" on reduced contractsso this is nothing new under the sunbut I will tell you that I hire agents all the time that are on the same contract we offer and are paying for their leads You do the mathif you didn't have lead cost and making the same commissionwould that benefit you?

MORE INFO: https://www.legacyguard.insure/opportunity.html

Please read the information completely on our website to see if this would be a good fit for you and if you have an interest lets talk (https://www.legacyguard.insure/opportunity.html) We have 2 positions available and are only looking for candidates that have good communication skills, that are motivated to learn, and have good transportation. Some travel requiredmostly local travel.

Scott Watkins


If I am unavailable please leave a message or email me scottwatkins@legacyguard.insure

Vacancy expired!

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