02 May
Oklahoma, Oklahoma city

Best Price Auto Salvage in Oklahoma City, OK is seeking a part-time/freelance IT professional to handle the internal IT needs and other digital/technological issues that our growing company is experiencing.

List included below are a few examples of jobs we need completed:

-Connect all printers to the network

-Set up wifi networks

-Create online order forms for our website

-Add security camera recording feed to internal NVR/DVR on server

-Set up audio recording in the office

-Update current website/find a new platform to build out new mobile-friendly web page and expand e-commerce functionality

-Create routine back-up of inventory data to server

There also other tech projects of larger scale that we are looking to accomplish which would require a higher level of expertise such as building/designing custom software, as an example.

Candidates may send resume to bestpriceautosalvage@gmail.com, or apply in person at 1109 S May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK. Ask for Ali.

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