02 May
Sales Logistics Specialist
Utah, Orem

Job Description

The Sales Logistics Specialist is responsible for inputting, reviewing, and analyzing various data for the sales department, and for compiling data from various sources to generate new reports that are to be used by the director of Organic Sales and the chief sales officer. You will also have other duties assigned to you by your manager.


  • Accurately compile data into various computer programs (Google Sheets, Excel, etc)
  • Verify accuracy and consistency of data
  • Build relevant reports for others to access
  • Report problems or issues with data to your supervisor
  • Provide insight regarding findings as needed


  • Experience that demonstrates exceptional knowledge in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Experience that demonstrates high attention to detail
  • Self-motivated and demonstrates a high-level work ethic
  • Desire to take ownership of any project
  • Must be able to work independently while managing time and tasks appropriately

Additional Information

Compensation and Benefits

  • $50,000-60,000 salary determined by experience
  • Medical and Life insurance plans available

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