02 May
♕ Full-time P&C Income in 14 Months (Not 7-10 Years) (Bakersfield)
California, Bakersfield

"A home & auto insurance business is one of the most legitimate ways to build

a full-time and long-lasting residual income. You have 2 options:Option 1 - The Old Way

1. Find 1,000+ clients on your own

2. Handle the quoting, paperwork, and customer service on your own

This will take you 7-10 years working about 50 hours per week.

OrOption 2 - The New Way

1. Refer your own policy and earn a referral fee

2. Tell others to do the same allowing you to earn overrides

(This allows you to leverage your time through the efforts of others, which

can dramatically speed up your residual income)

This will take you 14 months working about 5 hours per week.

Things to consider:

People have to have home and auto insurance

Our average client saves over $600 per year

We handle quoting, paperwork, and customer service for you

You can begin making money even if you're not yet licensed

If you are serious about generating true residual income in the next year,

Call our 24 hour message line at 972-677-9449 for a 4 minute overview."

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