02 May
Georgia, Buford

Analyze and tested network systems such as LANs, WANs, Internet, intranet, data communications systems. Evaluate network systems Perform network modeling Research and recommended network and data communication hardware, software. Supervise computer programmers Maintain necessary files Back up files in case of network problems Evaluate system cost, efficiency, reliability, compatibility. Make purchase recommendations Design systems, network configurations, network architecture. Implement systems and networks Address user problems Perform troubleshooting and maintenance Solve data communication problems Monitor system performance Coordinate with other engineers, systems analysts, programmers, technicians, scientists, upper management. Identify equipment upgrade needs Determine current and future user needs Identify user needs through workplaces visits, customer consultations, surveys. Train users to use equipment Maintain peripherals such as printers Use ISDN testers Use network analyzers Use administration software such as CiscoWorks, VitalSuite, NetIQ software, SolarWinds software. Use network monitoring software such as Compaq Insight Managers, Ethereal, Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, Symantic Intruder Alert. Use network security/VPN management software such as IPS software, network/system vulnerability assessment software, risk assessment software, virtual LAN management software. Use virus protection software

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