03 Jul
We cast actors and train them for free (Las Vegas)
Nevada, Las vegas

We cast actors and train them for free now casting "Simon Says" Broadcast feature

We are an actor centric production company that is composed of all actors. From script creation or selection to marketing we do everything in-house including professional training of our actors to work in our films. Simply put, if you are selected to become a member you will be cast in our professional films and you will be professionally trained to do so. All actors work on both sides of the camera. That means they act and when they are not acting they are working on crew. You are required to complete at least 10 weeks of training as an actor but we encourage our actors to make training a permanent part of their acting world. Since you are never charged for anything there is no reason for you to not be in the training program. Start in our Online program until the full program opens up again in a few weeks.

What we offer

Casting 2-3 feature films per quarter some casting now

Group classes (Currently on hold due to Covid 19)

Private scene study (2 actors) (Currently on hold due to Covid 19)

Private study (1 actor) (Currently on hold due to Covid 19)

Workshops (Currently on hold due to Covid 19)

Online Group classes

Online Private study and scene study


Technical training in all film areas (for actors)

Contract 100% of profits shared by all involved

Contract protected profit sharing based on time-on-set (ActingFree pays all costs of production)

Much more.


You must be at least 18 years old

You must be serious about acting and making films with our company

You must audition/interview to join via Zoom online - we will provide the monologue

You must have two days a week to shoot movies and be willing to do so.

Complete the “Join The Team” form and schedule an online audition/interview so you are ready when everything opens up

Start by joining us online

To get started go to: https://actingfree.com

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