03 Jul
NY couple seeking for surrogate
Pennsylvania, Poconos

We are a NY couple both work for the professional field. We have our embryo frozen. For health reason, my wife is not able to carry a baby. So, we are looking for someone to help. If you are 30 or younger, had normally delivered at least one child before, health, none smoke or drink, free of drugs, you may be the right person. you do not need to live in NY. We will offer monthly nutrition allowance, cloth fee, life, and health insurance if needed during the pregnant period. Total it could be up to $60,000 for your pain and suffer. If you are the one, please leave a text msg at 347-593-5156. please do not call, leave a text message only since so many agencies call us. we only want to contact you,our surrogate mom only. Or, please email to quinby2020@gmail.com. Thanks. hope to hear from you soon!

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