03 Jul
Delivery Drivers & Helpers (Sagamore Beach)
Massachusetts, South coast

Delivery position is responsible for specific tasks, and also general support of KAM Warehouse Operations and Delivery Operations. Responsibilities include;

Assist with truck loading for daily deliveries

Work as delivery truck helper, as needed, to meet daily schedules

Assist with receiving, unloading and storage of Group and Manufacturer inbound deliveries to KAM warehouse

Assist locating, pulling and staging and preparing product for next day deliveries

Assemble grills as required pre-delivery

Complete dryer vent modifications as required pre-delivery

Assist unloading return delivery trucks

Assist locating, pulling and staging products for return to vendor

Use Company procedures and computer systems as required to maintain inventory and order accuracy

Per systems training and authorization

Use and operate warehouse equipment

Forklift, clamp-truck per training

Support truck maintenance and repair scheduling, and related coordination of equipment necessary to meet daily delivery and operations schedules.

Monitor inspection sticker expirations, and schedule as needed

Assist Manager and Drivers with monitoring truck maintenance schedules

Assist with miscellaneous support of facility maintenance, housekeeping and operations

Monitor trach dumpster and schedule pick-up when needed

Maintain Cardboard compactor usage, and maintenance

Clean work areas as needed

Assist with building and landscape maintenance

Comply with KAM employee policies, per Handbook

Use Timekeeping system, Clock-in/Out

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