03 Jul
3pm- 8pm Parking Lot Attendant (Worcester, MA)
Massachusetts, Worcester / central MA

We are seeking staff to work as parking lot attendants (Non-driving) in the Worcester area.

We currently have a 3pm-8pm shift open, but can likely work with other schedules as well.

Other positions are also available in Worcester, Auburn, Southborough, and Leominster.

APPLY ONLINE - valetparkofamerica.com/employment

Lot Attendant –Job Description

The job responsibilities of a lot attendant may vary depending on the location that the employee is scheduled to work. The responsibilities include the following:

Greeting all patrons to a facility in a polite manner and providing them with assistance or instructions

Directing traffic, pointing patrons into parking spots

Opening and closing doors for patrons

Being outside and visible for the duration of a scheduled shift

Issuing claim checks to customers and helping them load/unload items from their vehicle

Performing cash transactions and completing a cash drop at the end of a shift (in some cases mid-shift)

Filling out necessary paperwork involved in daily operations

Providing umbrella service for patrons on rainy days

Providing security services and contacting police/management in the event of an intrusion

Escorting patrons to their vehicles

Recording vehicle counts

Communicating effectively with customers and coworkers. This includes radio contact with shuttle drivers

Helping customers if they are in distress

Shoveling snow and helping customers brush off their vehicles

Putting out necessary equipment at the beginning of a shift and putting it away at the end of a shift (i.e. signs, cones etc.)

Maintain a professional appearance and be polite and courteous

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