03 Jul
Firefighters, Wildland (Redmond)
Oregon, Bend

APPLY in person Monday-Friday from 9-3. Basic starting the 29th!

We will call you for interview. Refresher and Basic classes scheduled.

Pre classwork- You need to have IS-100 and IS-700 completed before class. Google FEMA website to complete these classes and have certs READY TO EMAIL.

It takes a special kind of person to go head to head with a raging forest fire! That's a wildland Firefighter.

Exciting outdoor job fighting forest fires! Great way to make a lot on money (tons of OT) in a short period of time. If you are at least 18 years old, drug free, with leadership skills and great work ethic-You may have an exciting job waiting for you!

$16.54 starting wage- $12.00 plus $4.54 Health and Welfare= $16.54 40 reg hours: No experience needed

$17.04 Rehires or others with proof of experience starting wage $13.00 plus $4.54 Health and Welfare= $17.04

$17.54 FFT1 with proof of experience starting wage $13.00 plus $4.54 Health and Welfare= $17.54FFt1 and higher (more experience) get paid more.

ICT5/Crew Bosses/Engine Bosses wages depend on experience.

We will be having both a Basic and Refresher class. Bring a friend or two

A three mile walk test with a forty-five pound backpack is required ( completed at our office after the interview). You will also need leather boots 8inches high. No steele toe.

Do you want to travel? This position will require travel outside of Oregon for 1 to 30 days at a time without returning home. This is a call when needed position .

You must bring in two forms of ID to fill out the federal I-9 form (photo ID and social security card, birth certificate, or other qualifying form of ID).

Apply at: 1199 NE Hemlock, Redmond, OR


Questions: (541) 923-0703

Equal Opportunity Employer

This is a Seasonal job.

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