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Building Science Engineer 
Wyoming, Jacksonhole

Berkeley, CA Jackson, WY

(415) 236-1333 (307) 200-7236

P.O. Box 9279, Jackson, WY 83002 team@beyondefficiency.us


Seeking a passionate engineering-minded professional with 2+ years post-academic

experience in the building industry to help grow and support our services in our

Berkeley, California or Jackson Hole, Wyoming offices. You have an engineering degree

or otherwise want to know buildings inside and out—in fact, you've spent some time on

construction sites and don't know how anyone could claim to be an effective consultant

without having hands-on experience. You're a lifelong learner and are up for anything,

including learning building science fundamentals and energy modeling, the ins and

outs of green building programs, and the art of consulting.

Why Join Beyond Efficiency?

We empower people to create enduring human-centered buildings.

Beyond Efficiency is a highly respected consulting team of progressive engineers and

architects with offices in Berkeley, California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We provide

energy modeling, engineering and green building services for commercial, educational,

multifamily and single-family residential projects throughout the western U.S. We also

provide policy development, training, and research services. Our broad client base

includes small architecture firms, world-renowned universities, market-rate and

affordable housing developers, and public agencies.

We consider our key role as "client advocate" to help ensure a client's project

objectives are achieved. We do this by asking insightful questions at project initiation to

establish clear, actionable goals and performance requirements, and then filling

knowledge and skills gaps that often exist in project teams. Our educational

philosophy, holistic understanding of buildings, and technical expertise give teams

confidence to make better decisions and create buildings that improve people’s lives.

Beyond Efficiency offers a relaxed and flexible work environment on the edge of

Berkeley's 4th Street shopping district or the heart of beautiful downtown Jackson Hole.

We have a liberal vacation policy paired with moderate billable hour requirements,

competitive salaries, generous professional development allowances, 100% health

insurance coverage, commuter benefits, 401(k) retirement plan with employer

matching, and unlimited opportunities to carve your future and make a difference.

Learn more about us, our values and our approach to our work.




1. Learn best-practice fundamentals and implementation strategies for high-

performance building enclosures, mechanical and plumbing systems, zero

energy features, etc.

2. Grow into a respected whole-building consultant, integrating a diverse array of

knowledge to provide insightful information to clients

3. Work with colleagues to facilitate cross-disciplinary design charettes and

develop Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) documents with client at project

initiation; coordinate and collaborate with clients and project teams to achieve

goals as set out in OPR documents

4. Interpret code and program requirements for Title 24, IECC, building codes,

LEED, GreenPoint Rated, Passive House, Living Building Challenge and others

5. Review plans, documentation, and contractor submittals for compliance with


6. Complete construction field visits to review progress, verify compliance with

goals, and solve field issues

7. Administer green certification, energy compliance and utility incentives

program processes

8. Prepare logically organized, technically accurate, and clearly presented emails

and memos

9. Grow into a project management role, acting as main point of contact for

clients, tracking schedules and deliverables, and producing or delegating as

needed to get the work done

10. Leverage other team members' expertise or knowledge when needed;

understand when to ask for help

11. Outline work plans prior to starting work, maintain logically organized and

labeled files, and adequately document decisions or activities

12. Provide regular status updates or reports in web-based project tracking system

and review progress with team

13. Understand contracted work scopes, work within budgets and meet billable


14. Establish thought leadership by writing blog posts, being active in outside

organizations, and educating and engaging with the greater community

15. Do what needs to be done that may fall outside your formalized job roles



Minimum Qualifications

1. Engineering degree or equivalent education or experience

2. Two years relevant post-academic work experience

3. Commitment to professional excellence and high performance design

demonstrated through continual learning, active involvement in organizations,

and regular participation in conferences or events

4. Self-starter with a can-do and “get things done” attitude

5. Technical aptitude with ability to quickly learn and integrate new concepts and


6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (clear, concise, logically

presented and appropriately catered to recipients)

7. Critical thinker with innate ability to challenge assumptions, ask the right

questions, and solve problems

8. Strong judgment with understanding of best way to proceed in challenging


9. Strong organizational and project management skills

10. High integrity, doing the right thing even when it's hard

11. High initiative, always looking to improve things



How to Apply

Beyond Efficiency is committed to the principle of diversity in our workspace. We

believe that diverse perspectives add value to our processes and make us better able to

empathize with and serve our clients, leading the way towards a more sustainable and

equitable future. In that spirit, we strongly encourage applications from qualified

people of all cultural and economic backgrounds, faiths, gender identities and sexual


To apply for this opportunity, please apply directly through the jobs page on our

website at http://beyondefficiency.us/jobs. Direct your cover letter to Jennifer Love.

Beyond Efficiency will review applications and invite selected candidates for interviews

on a rolling basis.

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