03 Jul
Full stack Solution Architect
Florida, Tampa bay area , 33601 Tampa bay area USA

  • 15+ years of hands-on development experience building scalable distributed server-side applications
  • 5+ years' experience programming in OOP languages - Java, Golang, or Python
  • Experience with databases (transactional and non-transactional), database architecture, and distributed transaction management; fluent in SQL
  • Experience with code-generators and templating engines; familiar with at least one contemporary low-code-no-code (LCNC) solution
  • Practical experience with distributed architecture principles and solutions for performance, scale, and reliability
  • Practical experience building and packaging components/services for Kubernates (K8s) deployment
  • Good understanding of CI/CD pipelines, operational monitoring, and observability
  • Good grasp of Business Process Management and Workflow solutions; familiarity with BPEL and BPMN
  • Understanding of modern frontend development frameworks web and mobile
  • Hands-on exposure to frameworks like React and Angular
  • Experience working in Agile/Scrum
Strong communication and inter-personal skills Skill Matrix: Skills Years of Experience When recently used Kubernetes (K8s) App Deployments (or OpenShift) Java (SprintBoot, Hibernate) Legacy System Integrations Redhat PAM / jBPM / Other Workflow engine Frontend Technologies (React/Angular) Cloud (AWS preferred) Migrating Apps to Cloud

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