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Inside Sales Support
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Inside Sales Support Custom Air Products & Services, Inc . is an aggressively growing company always looking for qualified individuals with a strong work ethic, a commitment to excellence and a desire to join a winning team. We have been proudly serving the Houston and surrounding areas, providing quality service and customized installation of commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Job Description: CAPS inside sales support professional will assist members of the sales team by handling remote interactions with customers. Maintaining CAPS customer satisfaction will be his/her primary goal, spending much of his/her time responding to inquiries, helping with issues, and providing updates on requests, and quoting. The successful candidate must have experience in the recruitment, training, and development of an independent manufacturer’s representative force. Responsibilities include developing sales leads, assisting representatives in identifying project opportunities, preliminary design of air handling and air conditioning equipment, speciation writing and development, and proposal/quotation assistance. Job Duties: Maintain Customer Relationships

CAPS inside sales support will nurture existing customer relationships by proactively following up on their satisfaction with company services and addressing inquiries and concerns for our sales team. As the customer’s second point of contact, he/she will responsible for relaying information and coordinating with internal sales teams to solve issues.

Create New Sales Opportunities

CAPS inside sales support will reach out to potential new leads when the sales team is unavailable.

Ensure Handling of Requests

Beyond updating customers about ongoing requests, it’s the job of CAPS inside sales support to ensure that these requests are implemented on time. Handling request such as tracking shipments, coordinate job schedules with PM, coordinate equipment with purchasing, coordinating customer site visits, and work closely with other employees to ensure quick delivery of equipment and services.

Contribute to Documentation

Since CAPS inside sales support will interact with customers and leads regularly, inside sales support will update the sales team daily on account details, sales history data, and profiles of inbound leads.

Identify Opportunities

CAPS inside sales support will have a hands-on understanding of CAPS target market. Because of his/her role as the bridge between the customers and CAPS sales team, he/she can pinpoint risks and opportunities, which will be consolidated into summaries and forecast reports for management. To widen the scope, they may extend their research to market trends and local competition.

Special Skills and Qualifications:

CAPS inside sales support will be an excellent communicator who can adapt to the changing needs of customers and provide creative solutions to complaints and concerns. Data entry skills and attention to detail are also important. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, as well as the following abilities, are required:

Customer service; CAPS inside sales support will be sensitive to the needs and concerns of CAPS customers, remaining courteous at all times while swiftly responding to requests.

Data entry; logging data is a vital part of this job. CAPS inside sales support must take note of important details in all customer interactions and update the company sales team and database accordingly.

Interpersonal skills; CAPS inside sales support will come equipped with strong interpersonal skills to cultivate long-term relationships with customers. Aside from maintaining customer satisfaction, they must listen well and establish rapport in order to assist with quoting successfully.

Strong memory; CAPS inside sales support will keep track of several accounts for different sales associates, which all have different preferences and requests. In addition, they must know CAPS products and services thoroughly, down to the smallest details.

Organization skills; given that this role involves a wide variety of tasks, from handling logistics to answering inquiries, it’s ideal for organized multitaskers who manage their time well.

Certification Required:

Microsoft 360

Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel)

Great Plains Accounting Software

Education and training:

Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field. However, those with only a high school diploma may still get accepted as long as they have at least two years of experience in sales or customer service. Familiarity with the HVAC industry is another advantage. There may be initial training on using CAPS preferred software, but most of the knowledge required for this position comes through on-the-job training and direct experience.


401K & company match

Medical insurance

Dental insurance

Vision plan

Prescription plan

Life insurance and disability

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