03 Jul
$500 Per Lead - ATM Placement Locator
New York, New york city 00000 New york city USA

We're looking for people who would like to make some extra money in their spare time. Pretty much, we're an atm company and we're looking for small businesses in the area who could benefit from an atm such as barbershops, tattoo shops, salons, etc. What you'd be doing is cold calling, visiting in person, etc and speaking with business owners, gauging their interest, and then sending that lead to us. If they sign with us you get $500. Really simple gig for the right person and pretty easy money since the atm is free to the business owner. If you're interested please send us a bit of info about you, and why you would be a good potential fit for this, and if you have any sales experience. If you have friends or family who have businesses you could refer them as well! There's no time commitment, do this at your own pace, but the more people you bring to us, the more money you get paid. Payment is provided as soon as the contract is signed, no waiting around!

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