08 Aug
$.60/Mile, Home Weekends
Virginia, Roanoke

Run 2019 Glider with paper logs,3-4k miles a week depending on what you can handle.50-.60/mile, all miles, empty and loaded3350 miles a week at .60/mile is $2,010, consistently,more less if you need/canno hidden charges, I pay for all trucking related expensesDry Van, Charlotte based, mix of customers and load board2019 Cascadia available, picture is one of our actual trucks1099,Stay within 700 miles of Charlotte, OH, IN, PA, Upstate NY, IL, MI, etc,Usually back and forth to CarolinasFor example: Customer load to Rochester NY, back to Charlotte to get another one,Home weekendsRunning since 2011Call me or text me980 201 4855

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