07 Aug
$600 in 8 donations Donors absent more than 6 months! BioLife Onalaska (Onalaska)
Wisconsin, La crosse

$600 in 8 successful donations!

That is $70 on your 1st donation, $80 on your 2nd, and $70 on your 3rd ,$70 on your 4th, $70 on your 5th, $70 on your 6th, $80 on your 7th, $90 on your 8th successful donation.

Coupon Code: 71009-6041

Download BioLife Mobile App – Use promo code – Lapsed600


Please visit www.biolifeplasma.com to schedule an appointment or call (608) 783-6707.

Coupon is effective 8/1/20 to 8/31/20. Donors absent 6 + months must present this coupon prior to their first donation. Subsequent donations must be completed within 30 days. Coupon redeemable only upon completing successful donations. May not be combined with any other offer. Non-transferable.

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