08 Aug
Ballroom Dance Instructor (Fort Wayne)
Indiana, Fort wayne

WARNING: This posting won't really sound like a job. But it is.

Can you work a seating chart like a pro?

Make drinks while maintaining multiple conversations?

Motivate the unmotivated to get out of their comfort zones?

- >We can work with you. Customer service takes hard work, and it goes to a new level in a dance frame.

If you own dance shoes, pom-poms, cleats, or have ever had good hands, quick hands, or jazz hands.

- >We can work with you. A professional dance instructor is a professional athlete.

Are you a great salesperson, can you work the retail floor, encourage, motivate, and educate people so they become loyal customers?

- >We can work with you. We are in the comfort zone stretching business.

This could be your new job:

-Full Time


-Performance Driven

-The People Business. . . but on the dance floor

No Experience Necessary.


We have a BOOT CAMP that will take care of that.

This is not a fluke. Arthur Murray Dance Studios is expanding and we are looking for GREAT PEOPLE that we can train to become GREAT DANCERS. We are looking for at least 2 GUYS & 2 GIRLS to train.

Your new office could be a dance floor in 2020.

Submit your resume to be considered for an interview.

Told you it wouldn't sound like a real job

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