07 Aug
Residential Counselor | The Wediko School (Windsor, NH)
New Hampshire, New hampshire

Do you want to be a transformative counselor deeply affecting the lives of troubled youth and their families?

Located on magnificent Black Pond, the Wediko School’s 450 wooded acres are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art residential treatment and therapeutic boarding school services to middle- and high-school-aged boys experiencing significant social-emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges. Typically, family involvement is key our students’ having an effective and successful treatment and educational experience.

The Residential Counselor is responsible for maintaining the safety (physical and psychological) of the students in the clinical milieu, providing the day-to-day care of students’ basic needs, assisting with integrating of appropriate therapeutic interventions based on the individual student’s clinical issues, and supporting the students in meeting dorm and setting behavioral expectations. The Residential Counselor will work with their Lead Staff and Clinical Supervisor to ensure all students have an opportunity to build on social skills and increase their ability to improve their emotional regulation by running inherently interesting activities within the milieu for students to participate in daily.

Essential Functions

Implementing Individual Treatment Plans for one group of children on a day-to-day basis. This will include:

Behavioral management of the students in accordance with their ITP by using various tools such as behavioral checklists.

Providing regular individual supervision of children.

The development and implementation of recreational activities both on and off campus.

Participating in the facilitation of daily group therapy sessions with students.

Providing therapeutic experiences for each child in accordance with their ITP.

Crisis management of students with critical incident reporting.

Overseeing the daily physical and psychological safety issues with children.

Maintaining an age-appropriate balance of limit setting, giving directions and nurturing on an on-going basis.

Overseeing, monitoring and providing the day to day care of students’ basic needs, such as:

Mealtimes and nutrition

Bedtime routines

Personal hygiene

ChoresUpkeep of all living spaces in dorms

Communicating about student and setting issues with the Lead Staff, Clinical Supervisor and Program Coordinators.

Providing transport and/or monitoring from one activity to another and between Wediko, home, local districts or appointments as needed.

Completion of the medication management and administration training course and assisting with the administration of medications as directed.

Completing all necessary documentation including: daily logs, tracking of students’ behavior, critical incidents, weekly progress summary, food requests, and the request for dorm supplies.

Participation in essential responsibilities for the maintenance of day to day functions of the Wediko campus including

On-call weekends

One asleep overnight weekly

Minimum Requirements

Associate’s Degree in a related field, or 2 years’ experience working in a similar setting with kids/adolescents, or seven years of parenting

Preferred driving record that allows for the transportation of students in Wediko vehicles.

Abilities Required

The position requires the ability to walk the rugged terrain of the NH campus, an active wooded setting; Residential Counselors will be outdoors, playing sports, or participating in indoor recreational activities with students. The ability to bend, hold and lift is also required as indicated by CPI behavioral management techniques.


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