07 Aug
Construction Rehab Project Manager - We need someone AWESOME!
Ohio, Dayton / springfield

We need an AWESOME person to be our Construction Rehab Project Manager!

Look, we always have 150 people apply when we post an ad. And only 10 of them are even worth reviewing and talking to. We’re not looking for just ANY fit, we’re looking for someone who fits our team values, our culture, wants to have fun, wants to work hard and LEAD the department to major success and growth, etc. Not looking for a body to fill a seat - those folks only last 2 weeks here. We’re looking for someone that truly wants a long term career with a growing company and we’ll only accept a pro that knows how to complete construction projects on time, on budget, and with efficiency.

If you can’t manage 20+ open rehabs at a time, don’t bother applying.

Your “job description” is very simple: You will inspect, QC, create SOWs for, and manage our residential rehab projects from cradle to grave. This includes using our software and CRMs to send SOWs with our in-house approved pricing. This means managing and juggling window orders, siding orders, roofing crews, hvac companies, full remodeling crews, our flooring companies, and the other dozens of contractors and subs required to rehab and sell 10-15 homes per MONTH. If you can’t keep up with that pace, you’ll be buried inside of 4-6 weeks and will fail out like our last one did just now.The job is TWO things, and you cannot do the job if you do not have a perfect command of both things:

1 - The actual rehab side. Knowing the highest and best use of a home. Knowing when to open up a wall, where to add can lights, the best bang for the buck improvements to make, etc. You’ll need code knowledge and you’ll have to know how to speak the lingo with every single trade, supplier, and person.

2 - You have to have a VERY good command of people and all things psychology. It’s easy to rehab a home, it’s an entirely different thing to be able to manage 20 open projects, 50 vendors and subs, schedule things to turn in a job on time, know how to manage, discipline, and fire crews as needed, and how to do so artfully and tactfully in a way that ensures our company’s success. Managing crews is all about psychology, it’s not about “construction” though you do have to have superior knowledge to the person you’re managing, of course.

If you know this industry, you know at least 80% of the crews out there will NEVER be a fit for our investment office! Most are crap, do crap work, or are total rip offs. A few are great but severely overpriced and we’ll never be able to afford them. Many have no clue what they’re doing but will lie and tell you they do. We do NOT hire crews that need frequent draws and can’t afford to run their own business properly and pay their staff. We buy larger materials, but if they need to call us for a $265 order from Home Depot on our credit cards, we do not hire that crew. We pay fair prices for quality work. We’re not looking for the cheapest price, but we’re also not ever willing to pay retail homeowner pricing. If you can’t manage crews of that middle-ground variety, you will fail here. We tend to pay 10-15% more than other investors.

As such, one of the most important parts of the job is that you have the knowledge and ability to CONSISTENTLY BRING IN QUALITY CREWS AND SUBS! Even though this is challenging, honestly, it’s pretty simple. Once you develop the right relationship with a few great crew leaders that have 2-4 crews under them each as we’ve always done here….you’ll be all set! Simply keep those relationships happy and you’re not always having to seek new ones as we expand. Your plate will be full here, so your ability to see projects through to the end quickly and completely is vital. Just to make it SUPER clear, let me share why our last rehab manager failed miserably:

First, we have an entire FULL house rehab that was dispatched… except the rehab manager didn’t order windows that should have been ordered at the very beginning, so now we have delays and are unable to list a house for sale that is otherwise 100% DONE. Totally unacceptable. And even when he did catch it, he went to a window company that quoted 6 weeks to get them in stock when we have 2 suppliers that can have them in for a CHEAPER price in 10 or 14 days. Really basic common sense stuff here!

Next, we have a house that needed the kitchen and dining areas opened up by taking an existing wall down, and a bathroom that needed added into the floor plan. Those did not get done correctly, so once again we find ourselves experiencing SIX WEEK delays for NO good reason. When the boss took over the job he was able to have an engineer out inside of 4 days, plans approved by the city 3 days later, and the crew back to work in 1 week. You will NEVER have anything that causes a 6 week delay on any jobEVER.

Considering most of our rehabs are smaller $7-30K on average with the rare $40-50K rehab…you’re expected to have the average rehab done in 1-4 weeks and a larger one in 6-7 max.Look, here’s what you REALLY need to do this job, and do it successfully: You need to have the technical knowledge. That means you know residential building codes well, and you know HOW to do the renovations themselves.You need to be able to effectively recruit and manage crews. You have to be a good communicator, and you have to be skilled in dealing with people. Since this position is based on trust, you must know how to act the part of a manager and correctly build rapport with your crews and vendors.You need to know how to spend money to get the best ROI. That means you need to walk into a house, look around, and think to yourself, “what is the best bang for our buck here?” Sometimes that means spending $15K and building out a scope that includes adding a half bath and moving a closet around, and sometimes that means spending $4K and building out a scope that just spruces some things up for maximum aesthetic appeal and gets the home back on the market “as is” for a fast sale due to the heat of this crazy market! You will do MANY of these $3-5-7K quick partial cleanups every single month so picking the right items to focus on is vital.You need to be able to manage multiple projects at one time with little to no direction. That's why having a rehab background is so important. We do not have time to train anyone on how rehab works. We need someone to jump right in and execute on our projects. This job is NOT really a fit if the only experience you have is in commercial construction, or in new builds. Rehab is an entirely different animal. If you’ve been someone else’s “rehab manager” before, but you didn’t build out scopes of work on your OWN, didn’t figure out how to maximize space in a house, didn’t do full QC inspections yourself, etc, then you haven’t really done THIS job before.

If you’re the PERFECT MIX of the technical knowledge and the people skills, then we NEED to speak with you. The owner of the company is an awesome resource for you that you’ll have on standby, in case you ever need it. He’s been a licensed GC himself for over 17 years, and has rehabbed more houses than he can count (seriously, 6000+ at this point). It WILL be your responsibility to OWN and shape the future of our rehab department, so you have to be not only okay with that, but EXCITED by the prospect of it.

You will be responsible for managing 15-20+ open rehab projects at one time. Again, part of this responsibility includes bringing on rehab crews that fit our criteria (quality, pricing, speed, etc). The ability to bring on and correctly onboard QUALITY construction crews at a fair price will 100% make or break your ability to manage efficiently.Some Common Daily Duties: Hiring and managing new crews, subs, handymen, etc via several methods (phone, ad placement, referral calls to agents/brokers, driving and networking with crews in the field on random job sites, etc. This is a heavy part of the job as we need to add 5-7 more crews immediately and will always require 3-5/mo on an ongoing basis. Material ordering and management, jobsite tracking via our CRM (we can train easily).Dispatching and Pricing job scopes to crews using our pre-filled software. 85% is pre-priced, 15% you will need to price and negotiate properly. Understanding working with crews who are investor-priced, NOT retail-priced, and the differences therein. Long driving will be common. While you will have many office days, 50%+ of the time is spent in the field driving, conducting inspections, checking jobs, checking out new properties we're buying, etc. Some days will be 20mi of driving, some will be 150+.Basic Candidate Requirements: Must be able to climb ladders, get in crawl spaces, roofs, lift 50-70+lbs as needed, and inspect every inch of a home without issues (knees, heights, claustrophobia, spider-phobia, flea-phobia, etc). Ability to operate ladders and other construction equipment safely. Semi-clean driving record as you will be driving a company vehicle. Again, high degree of trust, honesty, and integrity as you will be overseeing crews and approving their payouts certifying the job is complete and inspected while working in our CRM and tracking systems.PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Rehab is easy, took the owner 6mo to master. Peoplestill haven't mastered. So yeah, this is people management as a number one skill, and should show up on all DISC and other testing very easily. You need to have PEOPLE MASTERY. MUST BRING 5 crews from wherever, and then, must be able to develop an additional 5 more crews in your first month via methods we'll give you (and your own), with no bs, no excuses. You need 10 crews total inside of 30 days. You must understand and be able to bring in BUDGET contractors, not retail crap, and achieve results with those. 50-55+ hour weeks are pretty normal.8:30a.m.-6:30p.m. are required minimum hours, but we work earlier or later as needed to get the job done. We do fully believe in work-life balance here so we are closed on weekends, butyou will most certainly have times that things need done on weekends and late nights. We ALL do it, and we ALL pitch in and help! If you’re just looking for a job, look elsewhere. If you’re looking to join a team and a family and want to truly contribute and be part of that success and be rewarded for that successthis is the place for you, I can guarantee it!

In case you didn’t catch it the first time: You MUST know residential Building Code and have plenty of rehab and not just new construction experience to be able to take a neglected home and get it back into great shape to sell on the retail market and pass all FHA inspections. Most of this is easy and we don't get super in-depth. Legal roof pitch, rise/run steps, handrails, banisters, when a window must be tempered, and other basic stuff like this.

Job (and our clients) requires a full background check with drug screen! If you have ANY drug issues here at all outside of marijuana, this won't be a fit. If you have past criminal issues, they are viewed case by case (history, type of offense, how long ago, etc).

We rehab our homes the exact same way every time and require near-perfection on them all. The only difference to us in a $140K home and a $490K home is the material quality. We expect the rehab quality to be 100% the same. You will need a VERY keen eye for detail.

Must be very good and trainable at technology and systems. Must be extremely tech proficient, able to upload bids from site, complete all SOWs on site and email in, attach photos, DB links, work inside of Google Drive, update spreadsheets and Rehab Trackers, etc. Everything we do is via laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc. Bid software, emails, digital photos, our physical server, resizing pics and other tech/app items like this are required. Typing 45WPM+, MS Office Excel and Word, etc.

Must live pretty darn close to Springboro, OH as we will have rush scenarios occasionally and if you're 40mi out it won't be fast enough. Highly detail-oriented, able to read and write well, communicate well with staff, clients, vendors, tradesmen, crews, etc. Must be able to look professional and presentable to a client (polo and slacks).Benefits: We offer PTO, paid holidays, and personal days. We offer a starting salary that is DOE, and bonuses and other perks for completed jobs, saving money, etc. We offer to do a few flips JV style together with our top performers every year and this can significantly add to their yearly salary plus bonus. If you’re GOOD at this job, you have a very good career here with a solid retirement plan! YES we provide a company vehicle for you to drive, a company CC, all tools supplied if needed, etc.

If you are interested in this position,Tell me why you are a good fit, and why I should hire YOU instead of everyone else. Send me a message or a cover letter, a resume, and tell me exactly WHY you’re the one I have to interview and hire right away so you stand out from the other 150 that will apply. We are truly only willing to hire the right culture fit and the right person. We’re looking for character, honesty, integrity, knowledge, and someone with vision to grow our company with us. If this is youwe need to speak to you ASAP.WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!

Job Type: Full-time

Total Pay: $100,000-130,000 per year. You’ll have a base salary of $50-70K DOE, and the remaining total package will be from job completion bonuses, crew hiring metrics, profit sharing, and more perks we can discuss at your interview!

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