02 Sep
Energetic Outdoor Sign Spinner (Cherry Grove Beechmont Ave.)
Ohio, Cincinnati 00000 Cincinnati USA

Vacancy expired!

This is a part time position (around 12-15 hours a week) with more hours to come when they are available.

Job Description

1) Sign Spinners will be outside of the store in the fresh air for their scheduled shift (Any shift over 3 hours you will have a 15 min break in the middle of the shift). You will be in the elements, light rain, Sun, heat, and cold. Hours are subject to change to the company’s need or safety issues (Snow/Lightening/etc) to be judged by the owner/store manager.

2) You will be spinning a sign close to the street so use common sense, stay at a safe distance and within the area in which the store manager tells you.

3) Sign Spinners are the company’s Advertising. So YOUR MAIN JOB is to GET PEOPLE’S ATTENTION. This is done by the following ways:

a) Carrying one of the company’s signs outside near the street.

b) Holding and moving the sign in a way that people will be able to read the sign.

c) Spinning the sign and Dance/energetic movement from time to time to get people’s attention.

d) Wearing the Uncle Sam Costume(Company Mascot) when outside.

e) Look FRIENDLY, SMILE, have some FUN with it. (No one wants to come into a place where the employees look like they hate their job).

4) While outside you can use an mp3 player or other musical hand held device as long as you can do so safely and pay attention to your surrounds. (If your favorite song comes on and you want to dance, you are free and encouraged to do so. AS LONG AS IT IS SAFE. We don’t want you getting so into it, that you dance into the street or into someone walking near you).

Sign Spinners are required to prepare themselves for the weather such as gloves and coats in cold weather. Sign Spinners will be required to wear the Uncle Sam Costume

We are sure you'll be happy working with us and welcome you to the team.

Vacancy expired!

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