02 Sep
Tennessee, Nashville 00000 Nashville USA

We are looking to hire a Heavy Equipment Operator with a minimum 2 years experience. We are a grade and utilities company who does work in the greater Nashville area. Candidates should also be willing to travel as we have upcoming work in Georgia, Alabama, Florida and other South Eastern States.

Candidates should have experience in the construction field working on commercial sites and should be willing to work at least 50 hours per week, including weekends. We are seeking an individual who is able to run mid to large Excavators, Dozer and Track-hoe. Candidates should also have reliable transportation to and from job sites and should possess a strong work ethic.

Finish grade experience and the ability to read plans, run GPS and Laser is a HUGE plus.


Candidates should be able to do the following:

-Operate the dozer, excavator, track-hoe and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.

-Understand, interpret and follow directions from supervisors as to required work.

-Ensure a sound understanding of the issues involving ground disturbance.

-Drive Equipment in successive passes over construction surface to raise or lower terrain to specified grade, following markings on grade stakes or hand signals.

-Perform routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of equipment

-Perform daily maintenance and safety checks of equipment.

-Ensure Equipment is in proper gear, and is not moving too fast for working conditions.

-Demonstrate an understanding of grades and interpret roadway plans and drawings.

-Operate other heavy equipment and other construction related duties as required.

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