02 Sep
Eye Bank Technician needed (Tri-Cities)
Tennessee, Tri-cities 00000 Tri-cities USA

Position Objective

Recovery Technicians (RTs) travel to the site of ocular donors, such as funeral homes and hospitals. They are responsible for the safe recovery of ocular tissue utilizing sterile/aseptic technique. RTs deliver quarantined ocular tissue to its destination to be delivered to East TN Lions Eye Bank.

Essential Duties Of The Position

Identification of the donor (e.g. ID band, toe tag, morgue cooler label)

Perform and document detailed physical inspection- requires being able to roll the donor independently

Pen light exam of the eyes

Obtain adequate blood samples that are eligible for infectious disease testing

Excision of ocular tissue

Collect vitreous for Coroners/MEs

Perform donor eye restoration

Perform all required documentation in a thorough, complete and professional manner

Package tissue, blood samples, and documentation appropriately for transportation to ETLEB laboratory

Decision Making Authority

Follow all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Consult supervisor as needed

Minimum Education And Experience Requirements

HS Diploma or equivalency required

Valid driver's license and insured/safe motor vehicle

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities Necessary To Perform Essential Functions

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Strict attention to detail

Expectation to establish and maintain good understanding of medical terminology

Ability to learn and follow all ETLEB Standard Operating Procedures regarding donor recovery

Ability to effectively multi-task

Physical/Environmental Demands Of The Position

Physical Activities – reaching, grasping, precision dexterity, talking, seeing, hearing, writing, driving and walking

Level of Physical Requirements – moderate work. Must be able to lift 50 lbs independently

Environmental Conditions – generally in hospital, ME/Coroner office or funeral home

Exposure to computers, cell phones and other office equipment. Exposure to cornea preservation media and other recovery supplies and reagents.

Shifts are PRN (On-call position) 6a-6p and 6p-6a

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