02 Sep
Struggling with IBS? – Payment up to $300. Varies by study. (Ogden)
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Do you or a loved one suffer with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea? If so, you may be eligible for research studies in your area.

Research studies are an important part of developing potential future treatment options. Without them, progress in medicine would not be possible. Right now, doctors are looking for people with IBS-D to volunteer for local research studies.

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For more information, visit Research4IBS.com

Those who qualify may receive:

Payment up to $300, which varies by study

No-cost study-related care from local doctors

No-cost study medication

Plus, no health insurance is needed!

About Acurian:

Acurian is a company that recruits people for clinical research studies. We are currently working with pharmaceutical companies to find individuals who are willing to participate in clinical research studies in your area.

In a clinical research study, the participants may receive investigational study product or may receive an inactive substance, or placebo, depending on the study design. Participants receive study-related care from a doctor/research team for the duration of the study. Reasonable payments will be made for participation and the length of the study may vary.

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