02 Sep
Landscape and Lawncare Workers Until September 15th (Whatcom County)
Washington, Bellingham 00000 Bellingham USA

Landscape and Lawncare Workers Wanted; Young or old.

We are looking for both Landscape and Lawncare Workers for the 2020 Fall season and future seasons. We will consider any aged person with experience. We are looking for someone to dive right in and know the basics. If that sounds like yourself please apply!

What other jobs give you the opportunity to work in the pleasant outdoors and get paid for it? We can use both part-time and full-time workers, any age. Landscaping can be quite enjoyable and the work is varied. Work could be mowing, weeding, shoveling but also building decks, rock walls, walkways, etc.

Increased pay depends on experience Starting out 14-17/hr .

Must have at least 1 prior seasons of landscape experience, or able to be proficient with mowing edging, blowing, cleanup work. Additional landscape/excavation experience would be a plus. Please list them in your application.

Must have a cellphone and transportation.

If you want to be considered, email this craigslist ad and we will get back to you.

Please email your resume. In addition, on a separate paper, briefly state:

1) last two places of employment with contact name and numbers and reason you left,

2) any landscape experience including past landscape and construction job

3) what are some of your strengths/top things you are good at in landscaping

4) why you would be a good fit for our team

5) your hobbies.

You will not be penalized for having to leave a job as we know, some supervisors are rude and unfair. We are very fair and want you to be happy. A happy crew is a happy job.

ATTITUDE is everything.

We expect workers to respect our rules, some-of-which include:

Our number one (#1) goal is that your work in a safe manner for yourself, our clients, and other people's assets. Safety takes priority over rushing work. Our second goal (#2) is that you bring a good attitude and that you enjoy the opportunity to work.

Each day, bring a lunch, water, hard-toed boots, gloves, towel, eye-protection, and rain gear.

Must be on-time or 10 minutes early.

There is zero smoking due to respect to the clients, coworkers, and fire hazard.

Phones are to be left in the truck or in your bag and can only be used during breaks.

Bring a good attitude to learn and respect your coworkers and clients as much as possible.

Equipment and client's property must be respected and taken care of at all times.

NO DRUG POLICY means there is not to be any type of drug on your person, in your pack that is brought upon our property or in the work truck. This is disrespectful to us and puts us at risk, therefore, you will be sent home. Drugs include marijuana. We do not care what you do in your off time.

Workers must have a good contact number that they check for text or message along with some sort of transportation.

If you have any questions call 360-296-4824

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