17 Sep
Platform Software Engineer
California, Usca

Job Description

As a core member of the Platform software team, the candidate will be part of a fast-paced, high caliber team building diagnostic software to help validate high-speed digital designs and achieve high yields in manufacturing Arista Network products used in computer networking industry's largest data centers.

The Platform software team is responsible for all aspects of the development and delivery of hardware validation and manufacturing diagnostic software. The successful candidate will work closely on a project from its early conception to the final production stage at an off-site contract manufacturer. He will work with fellow engineers and members of the hardware and manufacturing team to understand the design and validate it. Besides closely working with the hardware engineers in designing the board, they will also review the hardware specifications and produce diagnostic specifications for the board. With that as a basis, the candidate would design the code to bring all of these to life. He will also work with customers to triage and fix problems in their networks. The candidate will play a major role in improving yield at the contract manufacturer site as his software will be critical in validating the builds and quickly identify manufacturing defects.

This role demands a strong and broad software engineering background, and a good understanding of hardware board design technology as well as third party network processors. The candidate's role will not be limited to any single aspect of managing ASIC-based networking solution, but cover all aspects of bringing up new hardware, developing all features requiring hardware validation, testing the software and hardware, and supporting our customers using the products. As an experienced engineer, this role also requires that he takes an active part in organizing a team of engineers to tackle a project, providing vision for the project, managing the schedule for the project, and coordinating the activities of the team.


  • Design, implement & test production-grade diagnostics for high-speed digital boards and ASICS to help with hardware validation.
  • Design, implement & test manufacturing tests to validate mass production of digital boards used in data center networking product
  • Bring-up newly manufactured boards and the port the first level of software.
  • Isolate and perform root-cause analysis of reported failures
  • Support new platform software and hardware features
  • Coordinate with the hardware engineering team on bring-up schedules and feature delivery
  • Zeal to learn and contribute to personal as well as business growth
  • Participate proactively in design discussions, design/code reviews and project management
  • Create system software written in C and scripting languages (Python, Bash) for our Linux-based appliance platform
  • Work independently as well as in team roles.
  • Use a version control system to systematically document and version the diagnostic software.
  • Mentor younger members of the team and inculcate team spirit.


  • BS Computer/ Electrical Engineering with +5 years experience or MS Computer/Electrical Engineering with +2 years experience or Ph.D in Computer Science or Equivalent
  • BS Computer Science + 4 years experience, or MS Computer Science
  • Proficiency in C/C
  • Well versed in scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Tcl etc.
  • Embedded programming and good knowledge of OS internals (Linux/Unix)
  • In depth view of Computer Networking, OSI layers such as TCP/IP etc.
  • Has knowledge of common inter connecting buses and interfaces such as PCIe, I2C, XAUI, 10G Ethernet drivers, FPGA, Switch chips, SSL offload, TCAM programming.
  • Smart Bits and/or IXIA usage and performance improvement
  • Ability to appreciate software engineering principles and coding procedures

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