01 May
Community Liaison Worker
Pennsylvania, Upperdarby , 19082 Upperdarby USA

Position Concept:

Communityliaisonworker is a key member of the Township's CommunityPolicing program. The individual will act as a liaisonto the residents of Upper Darby Township and represents Upper Darby Township Police in communityaffairs policing issues.Staff will actively seek referrals for youth who are at risk of committing violent crimes. Staff will provide township residents and youth with referrals for resources.Duties: (including but not limited to)

Interact withcommunitymembers/resources, receive and process referrals, and provide programming to the youth

Work with youth on personal goals and provide them with resources to achieve them

Work closely with communityto identify issues and resolutions

Position Requirements:

High school diploma, some college education preferred

Knowledge of Upper Darby Township, its neighborhoods, demographics and social services

Strong written and verbal skills, be able to address and make presentations to large public gatherings

Ability to work in environments that require conflict resolution, consensus and team building skills

Must pass police background, state child abuse clearance, and federal clearances.

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