02 Nov
Account Manager Sales Rep Base + Comm.
Oklahoma, Oklahoma city , 73101 Oklahoma city USA

You are obsessively organized, a quick learner, money-motivated, and as reliable as the sunrise every morning. You love to blaze your own trail and make your own success but you thrive even more when you’re working with a team of people that help you reach your common goals. You’re independent, innovative, and on-the move so a flexible, creative, profitable opportunity is just right for you.

You understand sales and marketing and you’ve learned that success in B2B sales comes from a hustle mentality, consistent organization, detailed follow-up, and calls, calls, calls!

One of the best things about you is how much you value good communication and love to participate in keeping the team in sync by documenting and sharing your results consistently.

Relationship are crucial to you and you’re an expert at building and nurturing them for everyone’s benefit.

You probably have sales experience because it’s always suited you well and you know you’re able to make great money doing it.

Our client, Panda Bear Creative, is a fun, innovative full-service promotional marketing agency primarily serving the exploding cannabis industry as well as the tech and craft brewery markets in Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, Michigan, Oklahoma, and across the US. They offer a full range of services from storage and fulfillment to graphic design, custom import/manufacturing, and print and direct mail products. Check them out at pandabearcreative.com or creativecannabispromotions.com.

Their clientele includes some of the largest national cannabis brands and they enjoy long-lasting business relationships that have stood the test of time as the industry has emerged. Their consistency, quality, and customer service afford them phenomenal brand recognition and market share. As an organization, they have a mostly remote business model but come together in person throughout the year at relevant trade shows and conventions nationwide.

As a woman-owned business, they are firm believers that if you enjoy what you do and have fun while you work, the results are astonishing, so they’ve created a culture to support that priority.

With their phenomenal growth even through a pandemic, they need a go-getter Sales Representative that will want to quickly transition into an Account Manager. They have leads for you, but you’ll need to be pro-active in calling and following up on those leads according to the very detailed ramp-up and goal structure they’ve created after years of experience. You’ll also have to generate new leads within their target markets and work closely with your manager to move them through a consistently full sales pipeline.

Your work will focus on an outbound sales strategy. You will become an expert on both Panda Bear’s capabilities and the promotional needs of your clients so you can find effective creative solutions for them time after time. At first, you’ll spend the bulk of your time learning the business and calling, calling, calling, but as you begin to meet goals, your position will transition into more account management and less outbound sales.

As a part of our nationwide team, your participation in team meetings and other organization-wide initiatives and travel will be critical.

Your communication, organization, and individual drive will determine your success and longevity in the position. To start, you should expect to make 100 or more phone calls per week and to begin hitting sales goals by your second month.

We offer a base salary of $30k/year + Commissions to start, but our best salespeople hit the ground running and meet the first-quarter goals easily so those commissions can kick in quickly. Generally, our Account Managers earn between $65K – $240K/year within their first year or two because of our generous graduated commission (8%-10%-12%) and bonus structure (up to 2.5% profit share). The more you sell, the more you make!

Other benefits we offer include: Remote working environment, Flexible hours, Paid travel to national conventions and trade shows, a fantastic and fun team of co-workers, and all the support you need to keep your clients happy.

This is generally a full-time position and should be treated as such, but because it’s remote and nationwide, you will have some flexibility in the way you structure your working hours.

Our Ideal candidate will:

Live in the United States – ideally in one of our local market areas. While the position is remote, international travel is not always available and we’ll have some in-person work at times. Our markets are Michigan, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, and the rest of the United States.

Have sales experience and proven success – extra credit if it was in promotional sales

Be excited to work in the cannabis, tech, and brewery industries.

Show their organizational skills and reliability throughout the application process and after

Have sufficient technical knowledge to operate comfortably in a digital marketplace.

Treat this job application and process as they would a potential client – with attention to detail, quality follow-through, and excellent communication.

If this sounds like a match made in heaven to you, take a moment to apply now by visiting Mantiscareers.com/account-manager-pbc

Please do not submit a resume or reach out to the company or Mantis Careers outside of the application form. The only way to apply is by visiting Mantiscareers.com/account-manager-pbc. If you qualify, you will be emailed with next steps.

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