02 Nov
Full Stack Software Architect
California, Santaclaraca 00000 Santaclaraca USA

Full Stack Software Architect

Santa Clara, CA

Long Term Contract Key Responsibility
  • Be a key architect to existing/future innovative projects which include edge computing, mobile/web/client applications, cloud, machine learning, AI, and analytics.
  • Research, design, and implement in agile development fashion
  • Find and propose robust but quick ways to enable architectures into implementations using internal/external tools including public clouds and open sourced tools/solutions
  • Design appropriate data models and ways to save/retrieve data
  • Plan software releases and release schedules.
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams, PM, and UX teams
Education & Experience
  • Bachelor's degree +12 years of related experience;
  • Master's degree with 8+ years experience;
  • PhD with 5+ years experience; or equivalent experience.
  • Demonstrated thought-leadership and delivering projects on a large scale. Considered an experienced mentor in Software Engineering.
Preferred Requirements
  • Full-stack architecture experiences
  • Fluent in cloud technologies including AWS
  • Experiences working with APIs/Integrations
  • Balanced design experiences between edge/cloud and backends.
  • Data processing and analytics experience
  • Knowledge of AI and Machine Learning
  • Various knowledge of client applications such as mobile apps and web apps
  • Streaming and batch processing123

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