02 Nov
Texas, Dallas / fort worth , 75201 Dallas / fort worth USA

Looking For Unique Sales Individual With In Home 1 Call Close Experience To Earn One Of The Top Commissions In The Window Replacement Industry.Compensation: 10% TO 13% Commission Average Sale = $10K, Top Closers sell 20 + Deals A Month, Average Reps Sell 10 + Deals A Month.

Hours: Full Time Including Saturdays Many salespeople are less than successful not due to their ability; but due to choosing the wrong product and the wrong company to work with. Most all salespeople need help to be successful. At Conservation Construction we offer . . . . . . .

o A great staff and incredible credentials to help you achieve success.

o Support with excellent product training as well as sales training to make both of us very successful.

o An exclusive superior product in an immeasurable market.

Two big things I looked for when I came to work here were: could I make a very good living for myself and my family, and would it last? I am proud to say yes on both counts - not only for me, but for all our sales people as most have been with us for twelve years or more. This allows them to afford a wonderful lifestyle. Ninety percent of our salespeople did not own a home when they started with us - now we can say ninety percent do. It's not just about making good money for a year or two and then having to find a new job; it's about finding an excellent career. If you're looking for a career, allow us to show you a great one. Earn $100,000 to $125,000 yearly, every year, and be proud you're helping people save energy.Call Steve(720) 495-1260.


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