02 Nov
Television Personality (TikTok)
Texas, Houston , 77001 Houston USA


Do you love Tiktok? Would you like to be paid to be the online personality of a new channel on TikTok? We have a unique opportunity for the right person. The format of the presentation is similar to David Dobrik's. It would be casual, but informative. Our goal is to line up tiktokers who wish to be paid by corporations. The Fortune 1000 - the largest corporations in the United States product managers, vice presidents of sales, vice president of marketing, product managers are looking for the right talent to proactively promote their goods, products and services. There are many government agencies which are also looking for the right tiktokers to promote their offerings. Our company, www.yourocktalent.org is dedicated to matching corporate sponsors with tiktok talent. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for the right people.

YRT is a new Tiktok channel focused on providing a steady stream of corporate sponsorship opportunities. These corporate opportunities include offers from Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble . . . virtually all of the Fortune 1000. These companies are looking for up-and-coming young talent and our channel is devoted to showing off their products and urging tiktokers to apply for their monies. Your job would be to show off the samples of the products and urge tiktokers to send in videos about same, urge tiktokers to subscribe to our channel to learn more. You would be providing live streaming tiktok presentations as well as creating a 2 to 10 tiktok videos each day. The number of tiktok videos you would create depends upon the number of samples we receive each day.

When you are not creating TikTok videos, you would be uploading videos to our Instagram, YouTube accounts. You must have a solid understanding about current social media channels. You must be at least 18 years of age and live in Houston. Check out our website at www.yourocktalent.org - The format of your channel would be similar to David Dobrik's. It needs to be casual but informative. We are offering the chance for tiktokers to get paid for doing what they do best - just being themselves but promoting products in new and innovative ways.

Ideally you should a) have a TikTok account, b) be able to professional represent yourself and a wide range of products, c) have experience studying corporate communication. d) enjoy being in front of the camera, e) be tremendously personable. If you think you would be successful in this role, send us a video of yourself, share your tiktok, instagram profile.

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