23 Dec
Failure Analyst
California, Sanfrancisco , 94101 Sanfrancisco USA

Role: Failure Analyst

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: 6+ months

Contract Type: W2

Roles and Duties:
  • Receive inbound shipments and sort products based on return reason.
  • Maintain a list of and manage incoming and received units, and track by status (Intake, Triage, Failure Analysis, Disposition, etc.)
  • After training, be able to perform first level teardown and Failure Analysis (FA). This would involve removing main product enclosures without damaging the internal components, performing a visual inspection of the circuit boards and components, and measuring resistance of specific traces, while recording observations in detailed notes along with photos, videos when applicable.
  • Once the first-level FA is complete, would pass the unit to Mechanical or Electrical Engineering team for further analysis.
  • If capable, candidate would perform additional failure analysis including removing the small sub-assembly from the housing, de-soldering operations, and isolating the failure.
  • Summarize the warranty return trends and data, progress updates, and failure analysis in a weekly report including charts, photos, diagrams when applicable.
  • Ship returned units or partially FA'd units to external parties with instructions from Product Design Team or Project Management team.

Required skills:
  • Experience with creating a process to efficiently receive and sort up to 100 packages per week
  • Comfortable lifting 15-20 lb boxes
  • Label printing and material cataloging/binning
  • Using various tools to carefully disassemble hardware
  • Hands on skills with shop tools such as a bandsaw
  • Ability to follow written and/or verbal standard operating procedures for the teardown and failure analysis process
  • Record step-by-step observations to preserve the failure analysis history
  • Provide high level summary of failure analysis results using a chart or table
  • Comfort handling sensitive electronic components
  • Familiarity with Google G-suite (Sheets, Slides, etc) and/or Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to assign a unit to the appropriate engineer based on failure mode
  • Creation of JIRA tickets with a clear description of findings and photos

Nice to have skills or can learn on the job:
  • Using a keyence microscope, optical microscope, and instron force tester
  • Understanding of when advanced FA tools would be valuable:
X-ray or CT scan Potted cross-section Dye and pry (or reheating component with hot air gun)
  • Soldering and desoldering printed circuit board components
  • Using a multimeter and oscilloscope
  • Ability to execute basic SQL queries
  • Ability to decide which units are most valuable to FA from return rates, high customer impact, or other reasons

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