31 Jan
Graphics/Build & Integration Software Engineer​
Washington, Redmond , 98052 Redmond USA

Vacancy expired!

Job DescriptionOur company is looking for a graphics engineer to complement its award-winning graphics team. This engineer will aid the team by helping to merge, debug, and spot-fix the graphics code across multiple source depot branches in the codebase, allowing engineers to iterate efficiently in one area, while bringing ever-evolving changes to artists and engineers working in other branches. Responsibilities

  • Monitor and improve automated code integration tools
  • Manage build and integration process and issues with the graphics codebase
  • Assist with general graphics debugging and optimization
Minimum Qual ifications and Skills
  • 3+ years professional experience coding in C
  • 1+ years professional experience with a modern graphics API and shader language
  • Strong graphics, mathematics, debugging, problem solving, and communication skills
  • Solid understanding of fundamental programming concepts
  • Familiarity with 3rd party content creation packages: Maya, Max, XSI, etc.
  • Game console development experience

Vacancy expired!

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