18 May
Should Cost Engineer / Sr. Should Cost Engineer
Arizona, Phoenix , 85001 Phoenix USA

Role Should Cost Engineer / Sr. Should Cost EngineerLocation Phoenix, ArizonaLong term |

Experience: 10 to 12 Years experience in Should Costing, Supplier Negotiation and Program Management

Skill set : Experience in liaising with customer, supplier and stakeholder management Program Management Program Lead with experience in leading Should Costing and Negotiation Activities Costing Engineer with aPriori knowledge Commodity experience in Machining, Castings, Sheet Metal and Injection Molding

Education : Mechanical Engineering graduate / NTTF certification is a value add

Program Management, Customer Interfacing and Leading Costing Activities

1. Costing Engineer / Manufacturing Engineer who is able to speak the language of Should Costing/ Cost Engineering to customer and supplier 2. Engage with customer and various internal stakeholders to set directions for the costing activity with details of actions and a vision of final results envisaged 3. Proactively engage with customer and other stakeholders to help them understand benefits 4. Manage an offshore team by regularly providing work inputs, reviewing deliverables and taking validated outputs to customer 5. Engage with customer to see the benefits customer is realizing through the activity 6. Engage with customer and provide process institutionalization and negotiation strategies 7. Provide customer and HCL management with weekly updates through dashboards to project status, value achieved, improvements to be made and other metrics 8. Manage the status of the program overall

Costing Engineer with aPriori knowledge and Commodity Experience 1. Costing Engineer/ Manufacturing Engineer with good understanding of Manufacturing process knowledge across commodities primarily machining, sheet metal, plastics and injection molded parts 2. A solid understanding of manufacturing processes represented by cost models 3. Understand key technical expectations of client and convert the same into cost models 4. Ability to work on domain specific cost drivers from material, process and secondary operations perspective such as cleaning, passivation and coating processes 5. Must have experience working in aPriori(2 years), customization (CMWB & VPE management, notepad ) for conventional & non-conventional manufacturing process 6. Must have proven ability to convert manufacturing process steps into aPriori CSL 7. Typical activities a. Add user inputs, defaults and outputs for specific cost models/VPEs that support internal use cases b. Create should-cost VPEs with Machines and processes that are not in the baseline or existing VPEs Routings and manufacturing rules that are not in the baseline or existing VPEs Create a VPE to represent a specific factory (e.g., customer or supplier factories) c. Configure data structures machines, materials, lookup tables and tool materials d. Modify existing processes or operations (e.g., change the cost model for the bend brake, edit the tooling model for stamping to include a shipping estimate and display a more detailed breakdown of cost) e. Configure routings (available processing steps used to manufacture a component) Configure operation sequences for geometric cost drivers (GCDs) (e.g. techniques for holes, bends, etc.) f. Add operations fDs (e.g. new hole-making operations) g. Add processes within existing process groups (e.g., straightening to sheet metal, anodizing to surface treatment, adhesives to assembly) h. Add user-guided processes (e.g., models to cost thermoforming, wire harness or injection molding )

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