03 Jul
Flooring Installers and Crews Wanted Flooring Subs (Utica and Surrounding Area’s)
New York, Utica-rome-oneida

Flooring Subcontractors Wanted Installers/Crews/Estimators

We're hiring flooring sub-contractors in your area that works with any of these products; Residential Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Hardwood (Nail,Glue,Float) and Floor Tile (No Showers/Wet Zones) and Backsplashes-Kitchen.

Recruiting HotLine: 1-888-867-1901








Flooring Installers/Crews and Estimators Wanted 1099 Subcontractors

Benefits of working with us:

Competitive Pay Rates

No driving for hours to pick up material, we have a local stores and warehouses

We offer more consistent volumes of work year round so you can stay busy year around

We pay weekly for services rendered with electronic deposits

Hard Surface Materials are delivered to the customer's home, so no picking up, running around or breaking your back carrying in materials

All Carpet is delivered to our local warehouses/stores

We deal with the customer so you can do what you do well, "INSTALL FLOORING"

We have devoted managers and office staff to assist you in a smooth project management

No collecting money or payments

Vendor Portal

Digital diagrams-including cuts and seam placement, plus less T-Seams or minimum

And Much Much More

Recruiting HotLine: 1-888-867-1901

We Install Residential: Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Hardwood (Nail,Glue,Float) and Floor Tile (No Showers/Wet Zones) and Backsplashes-Kitchen

Requirements include; Background Check (Driver License/ID, Social Security Number/Card or a ITIN Number), Insurance (General Liability, Auto, Workman Comp. / We can assist with the insurance) Truck or Van and all trade tools to install by manufacturing specs and guidelines, 3 to 5 Years Installing with experience in residential flooring.

Make a change and make the call today

Recruiting HotLine: 1-888-867-1901

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