03 Jul
Newspaper Route Ritzville, Washington (Ritzville, WA.)
Washington, Spokane / coeur d'alene

The Spokane Spokesman-Review is seeking an Independent Contractor to deliver newspapers in the town of Ritzville Washington. (See map)

If you or someone you know is interested in delivering this route located on the map please contact Anne at the Spokesman Review by calling 509-459-5170 or 509-481-0685.

Or visit our website to complete a contractor application http://www.spokesman.com/open-routes/

Thank you for your interest in entering into an Independent Contractor Agreement with The Spokesman-Review. The Spokesman-Review receives numerous applications for these available business opportunities and we do our best to personally contact those who express interest in the geographic areas where these business opportunities are available. These newspaper distribution opportunities offer an individual to have a small business that will only consume a few hours each morning, allowing the individual ample opportunity to pursue other opportunities. Those who successfully negotiate an agreement with us will, pursuant to that agreement, receive a lump sum of $200 if they remain under contract after six months.

As a matter of full disclosure, successful business partners are able to meet the following requirements:

Be 18 years of age or older.

Provide proof of a current/valid Washington or Idaho Driver’s License.

Provide proof of vehicle insurance to meet Washington and Idaho State Law.

Provide your own vehicle and pay all of the expenses for the operation of the vehicle.

In the event you are unable or choose not to deliver on a particular publication day, the contract will obligate

you to provide a reliable substitute to perform the deliveries for you.

This contract will obligate you to deliver our products 6 mornings per week, Sunday through Friday.

You will agree to provide 30 days’ advance written notice in order to terminate the agreement.

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